EMBA-Flex®- Fully Recyclable Retention Packaging

The Retention Packaging


As a supplier of protective packaging Emba-Protec concentrate our activities on delivering your goods safely.

They offer decades of protective packaging experience and the latest innovations.

Therefore, you always get a solution which takes into consideration enhancements in processes like packing time, logistics, purchasing and warehousing. Reducing damage of goods in transport, whilst keep the premium look of the packaging solution complete the picture.


Key Features and Benefits

  • High-level protection for simple and varied products and contours
  • Reduce your line up of packaging by up to 90%
  • Transport boxes with crash-lock base guarantee fast handling
  • No need for adhesive – Quick fastening avoids box gluing
  • Environment-friendly, can be placed in household curb side recycling
  • Reusable (e.g. for repair services)
  • Professional appearance
  • Economical due to standard program (no tool costs)





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Protective Packaging from Emba-Protec


Application Examples

Emba-Flex® adapts optimally to the most varied product contours like a second skin. New products from your range can often be packed immediately with existing packaging sizes. Also products of different sizes fit into the same-sized packaging solution.

Also product accessories are packed professionally and securely in accessory compartments or hollow bottom. Whether it’s a manual, cables or remote controls, everything is securely fixed in position.


Suspension Packaging

Simple 3 Step Assembly Process


Suspension Packaging


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