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This Standard Size Centre Feed Roll Dispenser is a vital addition to your warehouse, kitchen, bathroom, home or office. It can dispense both our Blue Centre Feed Roll and White Roll equivalent.

It is a convenient, and elegant-looking dispensing solution that will comfortably hold our 400 sheet rolls and is extremely robust.

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Centre Feed Blue and White Rolls are extremely useful, and versatile products that are suitable for just about any industry. You can use paper rolls for hand drying, wiping up spills, all-purpose cleaning, and adding grip when things are placed on a smooth surface. 


This dispenser is a sleek wall-mountable dispensing solution, that is extremely robust. Its composition means it is extremely easy to clean and maintain, making it perfect for a busy environment. 

An additional benefit of wall mounting your centre feed rolls is that it can help reduce the amount of product wastage. It is all too easy to grab a roll, and rip off way too much because it can be difficult to gauge the amount of paper you need whilst it’s on the roll. Using a dispenser will assist you in using the optimal amount of paper!


It is important to note also, that using a dispenser will also reduce the amount of cross-contamination from simply holding the roll. 

A great way to visualise this is by imagining your hands are coated in paint. Without a dispenser, it will be very difficult to avoid contaminating the rest of the roll, as you will need to handle it to remove the paper. However, if you add a dispenser into the mix, you are now only handling the product you need, without contaminating the rest of the roll. 

Now, if we imagine this in a bathroom, kitchen or warehouse setting, we can understand how using a dispenser can significantly reduce the spread of dirt, grease or bacteria. 


According to the NHS, the best way to wash your hands is by using soap and warm water – the best way to dry them is by using a disposable paper towel. 


A further benefit of a blue roll (or white roll) dispenser is that it can be installed anywhere without the requirement of power, or frequent PAT testing. They also do not require nearly as much maintenance as an electric hand drier, or a leasing agreement. 


Your new dispenser will comfortably hold our 400 sheet rolls of White and Blue Centre Feed Rolls

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Key benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Elegant looking
  • Hygienic 
  • Energy saving compared to electric hand driers
  • According to the NHS, the most hygienic way to dry hands is disposable paper products. 
  • Easy to install


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