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This case of 2640 (15 packs containing 176) hand towels offers an extremely convenient hand drying solution. Manufactured using recycled materials, these highly absorbent paper towels are the perfect sustainable and hygienic way to dry your hands. 

These towels are folded individually to ensure convenient separation when used in conjunction with a hand towel dispenser. 

Springpack’s hand towel dispensers are compatible with the C and Z fold paper towels and allow for quick and convenient removal of your towel. 



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The use of paper c-fold hand towels is widely regarded as one of the most hygienic hand drying options when compared to hand driers and communal hand cloths.

Help prevent the spread of diseases in your work environment by providing these highly absorbent paper towels and placing paper hand towel dispensers in each hand washing area.

These green paper hand towels are made from recycled materials.

Put the power of good personal hygiene in your own hands – order yours now!


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured using recycled materials
  • 1 Ply 
  • 310 x 230mm
  • 2640 approximate towels per case (15 x 176 packs per case)
  • Folded edges for convenient unfolding and separation
  • Hygienic and convenient


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