BDCM Cardboard Boxes

Our BDCM Cardboard Boxes are made from high quality single wall cardboard. Our range includes the standard sizing of BDCM1, BDCM2, BDCM3 and BDCM4. All of our BDCM Boxes are all available, and ready to ship! BDCM stands for 'Bulk Distribution Carton Metric', and are generally used by the fashion and retail sectors. The boxes are supplied flat packed, and can be made up in seconds! Printed on one side, our BDCM Boxes contain space for information on the contents to be applied. For example, the colour of the item within. There is also a dotted line printed on the box, indicating where to cut our a panel for picking from. Manufactured from recycled cardboard, our BDCM Cardboard Boxes are 100% recyclable.