Our Guide To A Jiffy Bag

Welcome to our guide to a Jiffy Bag! Occasionally referred to as a Jiffy envelope, or Jiffy Padded Bags, Jiffy Bags are a must have for anyone who sends items in the post. Whether you are a large multinational company, or a new start up, these bags are a great product for sending items cheaply, and securely, in the post. And with a doubled glued bottom flap, and no side seams, the bags provide high resistance against bursting and puncture.


Manufactured with a tough outer paper, with a 100% recycled paper fibre lining, Jiffy Bags are a fantastic eco friendly product. They are even 100% recyclable too!


Here are a few questions we often get asked about Jiffy Bags.



First up, what is a Jiffy Bag?

Invented in the 1960’s, a Jiffy Bag is mailing bag that offers protection to the items within. They are lightweight, meaning postal costs can be kept to a minimum, without compromising on quality. They are effectively padded envelopes, which is why they are sometimes referred to as Jiffy envelopes. If you’ve ever received something in a padded envelope, that chances are, it was one of these bags.



So how do you use the bags?

First of all, it’s important to ensure you have the right size bag for your needs. There’s more on that below, but once you have the correct size, they really are simple to use!


To secure your items, simply place them in the bag, and seal with the ‘peel and seal’ strip. This offers an efficient, quick and easy way to pack your products. And what’s more, the adhesive can enter the same recycling stream, so once the bag has come to the end of its life, simply recycled the whole bag.


Top tip:

Where possible, always look to re-use your bags. This is great for the environment, and even better on your wallet!



Are Jiffy Bags recyclable?

Did you know that the modern day Jiffy Bags are now greener than ever? The padded lining is manufactured from 100% recycled fibres, and the whole of the bag is 100% recyclable too.


Top tip:

We would recommend you check with either your local Council, or local recycling centre, on what can be recycled in your area. Given these bags are made of paper, you should not have any issues recycling them. Don’t forget to try and re-use them too! As long as you can still seal the bag, and no damage to the bag is evident, it can be used time and time again. Just be sure to seal the bag with something that can either enter the same recycling steam, such as Paper Tape, or that can be easily removed, so the bag can still be recycled.



How long is a Jiffy Bag?

Here at Springpack, we stock a wide range of sizes of Jiffy Bags. The bags range from our small Jiffy Bag, Size 00 (105mm wide x229mm long) up to our large Jiffy Bag, Size 8 (442mm wide x 661mm long). If you are looking for an A4 jiffy Bag, for sending papers or documents, the size 4 bag is what you need.


In total, we offer 10 different size options. Please see the below table containing all of the bag sizes available from us.



Bag Sizes Size Dimensions (mm)
Size 00 A7 Bag 105 x 229mm
Size 0 A6 Bag 135 x 229mm
Size 1 A5 Bag 165 x 280mm
Size 2 Great for CD’s 195 x 280mm
Size 3 Ideal for DVD’s 195 x 343mm
Size 4 A4 Bag 225 x 343mm
Size 5 A4+ Bag 245 x 381mm
Size 6 Perfect for clothes/ shirts 295 x 458mm
Size 7 A3 Bag 341 x 483mm
Size 8 A2 bag 442 x 661mm



For even more information on Jiffy Bags, which not click here to read our Jiffy Bag Size Guide.



Before you go, did you know we stock a wide range of Jiffy Foam Profiles too? Like the bags, they are made from recycled materials, and are fully recyclable too. Click here to check out our blog on Jiffy Ocean Green Foam Profiles.



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