Lantech: the leader in the automated packing industry

We are delighted to announce the launch of a partnership with Lantech, the global leader in the automated packing industry!


Having been trading since 1972, and with over 80,000 machines installed worldwide, Lantech offer industry-leading packaging automation solutions. From Case Erectors, to Case Sealers and even the ProfitPack – if you have a requirement for packing automation, you’ve come to the right place!


Here’s a brief run down of the solutions available to you!



Case Erectors

Case Erectors, also known as ‘box makers’, are the ideal automation solution for companies looking to improve their operation efficiency, and guarantee consistency of box erection. The Lantech Case Erectors use suction pads to ‘grip’ the box, erect it, and then seal the bottom. Please click here to see a short video of a machine in operation.


Please click below to watch a video of the Lantech C-300 Case Erector in action.





Case Sealer

Offering a continuous motion operation, this reliable solution is simple to set-up, and easy to adjust to a wider range of case sizes. Sealing cases from both the top and bottom is now easier than ever!


The CS-300 Case Sealer will seal up to 25 cartons per minute, based on the following spec of cartons:

FEFCO 0201
Single Wall Cartons – B & C flutes
Minimum carton size: L=200mm W=120mm H=120mm
Maximum carton size: L=650mm W=510mm H=600mm


Please click below to watch a video of the Lantech CS-300 Case Sealer in action.






The Lantech ProfitPack combines a Lantech Case Erector and a Lantech CS-300 Case Sealer, along with a conveyor belt. The top of the conveyor belt transfers products, with the metal roller at the bottom moving the boxes along. As this solution is effectively ‘push button’ it only requires a single person to operate it. Put simply, cartons are loaded, erected, packed, sealed, and then they are ready to be palletised. It really is as simple as that!


The Lantech ProfitPack is available in either left or right handed versions. We currently supply the single person station, but a 2 person station is available on request.


Please click below to watch a video of the Lantech ProfitPack in action.





Due to the bespoke nature of the Lantech product range, virtually anything can be added or removed from a design – it is literally built around your specific requirements, and available space. Did you know you can even specify the colour of the paint to be in-line with your brand!



To see the range of Lantech products we offer in action, please click here to visit our YouTube channel.



The entire range comes with a comprehensive 3 year warranty. And with an average of 99% up-time availability, you’ll start to see savings straight away!


If you’d like to find out more about any of our range of Lantech products, give the Packaging Pro’s a call today on 01905 457 000, or e-mail [email protected].

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