Karndean Flooring: Customer Case Study

Flooring Packaging

Who is Karndean Flooring

Karndean flooring is the UK’s market leader in luxury vinyl flooring and are renowned for their realistic wood, stone and abstract designs that will suit any style in your home.

All Karndean floors are stain resistant, easy to clean and fully waterproof so perfect for both bathrooms and kitchens. As Karndean’s only authorised online retail partner in the UK, we stock a huge range of styles and ranges. Explore their Gluedown, Loose lay and Rigid core designs.

The Challenge

Our Business is always growing and adapting so we need a packaging supplier that will support us with our changes and assist us as we grow, and that will provide any bespoke requirements.

The Solution

We always used Springpack for small bespoke items however since my involvement and with them directly we have worked more closely firstly with Roy then with Glenn. As our business has changed, so has our relationship for the stronger resulting in a ‘Buy In’ contract with them to be our dedicated supplier for all of our packaging requirements.

We worked with Springpack from the beginning with their new Eco range, being testers for new products such as Pallet Wrap and Bubble wrap.

The Result

Springpack know our business and our challenges, they are local to us allowing us to place orders for next day or even same day delivery if we unexpectedly run short.

They will also stock hold any bespoke items for us in their warehouse, and deliver when we need the items, so that we don’t have to take 20-30 pallets at a time. Glenn and I keep in regular contact and should we require any bespoke requirements Glenn is always there to see how

Springpack can help with our challenges. Currently we are being supported in everything we need and
I know Springpack will adapt and assist should we require anything further.

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> Material Specification

You may be packaging with a material that is not sized correctly for your product. A proper film gauge, the correct board grade or the right void fill, can reduce your packaging costs, whilst still providing the necessary protection.

>Packaging Waste

Obligated packaging producers must register and meet their waste packaging recycling and recovery responsibilities. This is where Springpack will review your processes and offer advice on products that will help reduce your packaging waste. We provide all the data on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, so we can help you to review improvements throughout the year.

>Breakages and Damage

We know one of the biggest expenses within a business is transit damage, which can affect your reputation. Your dedicated #PackagingPro will review your processes from start to finish and recommend tried and tested solutions to reduce and eliminate breakages and damage. We have a large range of solutions from our stock range, but we can provide a bespoke solution, specific to your requirements too.

>Packing process improvement (Speed)

We understand the speed of the process is at the heart of our operation, and with over 40 years’ experience, we will review your processes and save you time when packing, without losing any of the durability of the product.

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