430mm x 300M Perforated Stretch FILM / Pallet Wrap 30% ECO EXT CORE

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Perforated pallet wrap allows you to despatch products with complete confidence that humidity, condensation or temperature will not ruin your produce, allowing them to breathe.

By enabling your products to ventilate, you can effortlessly eliminate any accumulation of excess heat, gases, fumes, and moisture from your pallets, all without the need for significant modifications or experiencing delays in your production and end-of-line packing operations.

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What is Perforated Pallet Wrap?

Our perforated pallet wrap is designed for optimal product aeration while maintaining exceptional pallet strength and stability, all at the most competitive pricing available.

This is our specialised stretch film for pallet wrapping. Unlike standard options, our perforated wrap features unique perforations that facilitate air circulation through the palletised goods, ensuring product quality remains intact during manufacturing and transit.

During peak production periods, perforated pallet wrap enables you to expedite your dispatch process, reducing the backlog of pallets awaiting temperature adjustment. By eliminating wait times, this wrap boosts production capacity without significant investment.

Moreover, these films can be manufactured with at least 30% recycled materials, or more, depending on your specific needs.