How to assemble a Cardboard Box

It may seem simple, but cardboard box assembly isn’t as straightforward as it looks. Most of us have fallen victim to a poorly secured box bottom before! But by knowing the correct technique, you can avoid breakages, and avoid costly returns from customers.


How to Assemble Cardboard Boxes


Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a cardboard box. You’ll need your box and some packaging tape;


  1. Sit the box upright and face the bottom of the box upwards.
  2. Fold the smaller two flaps over so they are inside what will become the bottom of the box.
  3. Fold the larger flaps over the top, and secure with packaging tape.
  4. Ensure the packaging tape goes right across the join of the flaps. It should also go a substantial way up the sides of the box to prevent it unsticking easily.
  5. For extra security, you can also tape up the gaps around the edges of the folds. This is particularly useful if you’re transporting fragile goods.
  6. Turn the box upside down, so your newly sealed section is on the floor.
  7. Fill the box, and secure to top by following the steps above.


Check out our handy videos which show how to assemble both a single box, or hundreds!


Single box: 




If your operation requires quick cardboard box assembly, perhaps automation is the answer. Talk to a Packaging Pro about our Lantech Case Erectors.




How to Assemble Book Boxes


Assembling flat cardboard boxes is generally easier than some of the other specialist packaging solutions. So if you are looking at using a Book Box, we explain how to use them correctly below.


  1. Gently twist the smaller of the two sections of cardboard around, so that it forms a ‘cross’ with the other part of the cardboard. Do not completely separate the two pieces!
  2. Place your item onto the twisted section, and bend the smaller flaps over the item, which will keep it safely in place.
  3. Remove the adhesive strip, and secure these flaps in place.
  4. Bend over the bottom and top flaps, removing the adhesive strip, ensuring the adhesive flap goes on top. This will secure the final section of the box, meaning your package is now ready to send.


Take a look at our video;




How to Assemble Postal Boxes


Generally these boxes are easy to put together as they don’t require tape, as the flaps and parts fold easily into each other.


These boxes are strong and stable, giving extra protection to products during transportation. They are supplied as a flatpack, which gives the added benefit of taking up less warehouse space. To find out how to easily assemble postal boxes, watch our video on the link below.





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