Everything You Need to Know About Book Box Packaging

Book boxes and wrap mailers are quick and easy ways to package books for shipping.


These types of book packaging are favoured by book lovers because they are made from high quality corrugated cardboard.


Cardboard book mailers are a great way to protect your books during transit. They are resilient and protective and do not need extra protection, such as bubble wrap or kraft paper void fill. They are supplied flat packed and feature an adhesive strip, which eliminates the requirement for adhesive tape. Both types of boxes also feature easy opener strips, making them incredibly convenient for your customers.


Both book boxes and book wraps are available in a wide range of box dimensions, most of which are letterbox friendly.


Here at Springpack, we are one of the leading and most reliable retailers of packing boxes for books in the UK. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an extensive selection of high-quality packing boxes to suit their individual needs. Our packing boxes are designed to securely protect and store books, ensuring they are kept safe during storage and transport. We offer an array of sizes, and bespoke options, to ensure our customers can find the perfect solution for packing books.



What are book wrap mailers?


These mailers are constructed in a T formation, with a bottom surface that is even and level. They feature scored flaps around the edges to allow accommodate a wide variety of book sizes and shapes.


Springpack Book Wrap


What are book box mailers?


Book mailing boxes are slightly different to book wraps. They are supplied completely flat and twisted into a cross shape before use. Another key difference between bookwraps and book boxes is that the boxes feature two adhesive strips.

Book Box

Please see this instructional video below on how to assemble and use a Springpack Book Wrap.


Who should use book mailers?


Both book mailers and book boxes are great boxes for posting books. They are commonly used for book subscription boxes, for ecommerce, university prospectuses, catalogues and general letterbox packaging requirements.


Both types of box are great solutions for all industries. Due to being supplied flat-packed, they are perfect for warehouses and packing areas where space is a premium.


They are also great for businesses that are working to meet eco-credentials. All packaging supplied by Springpack is carbon-neutral and sustainable.



How does this type of packaging differ from traditional boxes?


Book packaging is a great switch to make if you’re looking for something that costs less to post than postal boxes.


They require no void fill, though they can be used if you wish, which reduces your overall cost to pack. Book packaging will help you save packing costs because they don’t need any sticky tape to seal them.


Similarly to standard packing boxes, book boxes and book wraps are supplied flat packed. However, they then differ because they are not erected before use. Both book boxes and wraps are only fully erected when the product is packaged.


This type of packaging is also more eco friendly because they require less cardboard, void fill and tape than standard packaging.


Finally, books in this type of packaging can be easily stacked due which reduces their carbon footprint during transport. This improvement in energy efficiency is explained in “3 Key Steps to Optimise Your Logistics Packaging”, please click here to read.



Why use custom book boxes, over standard brown book boxes?


Here at springpack, we specialise in the production of custom cardboard boxes, tissue paper and tape.


Custom printed boxes are advantageous to all businesses, especially in the case of e-commerce and book subscription boxes. A printed book box will put your branding directly in the hands of your customers. Customers now place greater value on the “Unboxing” experience. This has created a large demand for bespoke ecommerce packaging.


Another great reason to choose bespoke packaging is that it builds brand value with your customer. Customers are more likely to remember and return to you when they can distinguish your products from your competitors.



How to wrap a book for mailing


Wrapping or boxing a book for mailing using one of the products mentioned above is quick and simple.


See how it’s done by watching these instructional videos from beginning to end.


Book wrap:

As you can see from this video, using the book wrap is efficient and simple.

Simply lie your book in the bottom of the book wrap, and fold the holding flaps over. Afterwards, whilst maintaining pressure on the flaps, roll the book up to the “Peel and Seal” strip, and stick it down.


Book Box:

As you can see from this video, using the book box is efficient and simple.


To begin, twist the sides of the book box into a cross formation. Place the book inside, and fold the two inner flaps together. Secure these flaps using the adhesive strip. Repeat in the other direction, and your book is packaged.



Where can I buy book boxes near me?


Springpack delivers anywhere in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland. With our expert delivery, you are guaranteed to find book boxes and book wraps near you!


Orders placed by 3:30PM can be delivered as early as the next working day. For more information on our delivery service, please click here.

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