Celebrating 45 years of Springpack!

Celebrating 45 years of Springpack!

We’re delighted to announce that this year marks 45 years since Springpack was founded! And what a long way we’ve come since then! We want to take you on a journey through memory lane, as we look back at some of the defining moments within the company.


Springpack through the ages

Back in 1975, Springpack was founded by our CEO, Laurence, in the garage of his house. All customers were in a twenty mile radius and deliveries were made in Laurence’s car! It didn’t take long for the company to rapidly expand, and by 1979 Springpack had moved premises and become a team of three.


1986 saw the second warehouse move, which is where Springpack as we know it started forming. Now up to five staff, there was also the introduction of industrial packaging lines.


By 2000 with another 2 moves under our belt, the team had risen to 15 and the site was 13,500ft, which we expanded to 18,500ft in 2010. Even with the addition of ‘site 2’ which brought an additional 24,000ft, this became too small for the unstoppable Springpack machine!


The most recent chapter in the Springpack story is our move to the vast premises in Berkeley Business Park, Worcester. We now have a huge amount of warehouse space which allows us to process a greater amount of orders and meet demand!


At the heart of what we do

Throughout the company’s reign as one of the best packaging providers in the UK, Springpack has always held it’s values at the heart of everything. Particularly when it comes to loyalty and service to their much valued customers.


As part of the celebrations, our Sales & Marketing Director, James York, visited one of our oldest customers to present them with a hamper! Bedford Dials of Tenbury Wells are one of our longest standing customers, and we were delighted to be able to present them with a token of our gratitude to thank them for their loyalty over the past 45 years!



What the future holds

We’re so excited for the future, and have some great plans coming up for Springpack. As well as the changes we’ve recently made, including an extended next working day delivery cut-off time and the introduction of some fantastic products – we’re constantly working on ways to improve our service and offering to customers.


Laurence commented: “The last 45 years have seen a real transformation in Springpack, and the industry as a whole. It’s been challenging, but very enjoyable. With the continued move to more environmentally friendly packaging, we’re working hard every day to ensure we have the right products to offer our customers.”


Laurence continued: “The switch to greener products is probably the biggest change in 45 years, and it’s one we’re working closely with our customers on to help them achieve their green goals. I’d like to thank each and every one of our customers, and wish them a prosperous future.”


We’d like to sign off by saying we wouldn’t be here today without you, and we’d like to thank every single one of you for your support throughout.


Here’s to the next 45 years!

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