Bubble Wrap vs Cushion Film

When the product you’ve worked so hard to create is finally complete, you want to choose the most suitable packaging solution.


The packaging of a product is not always considered a priority, but we believe it should be. The correct packaging solution should reflect the quality of the product inside. It should also represent the excellent services provided by your company. The right packaging solution can make a big difference to your customer’s experience, and in turn the perception of their brand.


Here at Springpack, we have over 40 years of experience in providing genuine packaging solutions, so are well equipped to find the perfect packaging solution for you. We can offer our expert advice on whether it would be better to protect your product in cushion film or bubble wrap, read on to find out the advantages of both.



What is cushion film?

You will have definitely heard of bubble wrap before but you may not have heard of cushion film. Cushion film is a type of protective packaging that comes in the form of film. The roll of film features perforated sections that once inflated create small cushions which provide protection to small or large, heavy or delicate products.


Cushion film is an eco-friendly, flexible, durable and cost-effective solution for void filling and providing protection to any product during transportation.


Types of bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most commonly used packaging products due to its highly versatile and effective packaging properties. You can find different sizes and types of bubble wrap depending on the size of the product you are packaging and the level of cushioning required. Bubble wrap is such a popular choice as there is no limit as to which application you can use it for.


Springpack supply a wide range of bubble wrap suited to meet a variety of packaging needs. Our standard small and large bubble wrap is both strong and lightweight and perfect for protecting lightweight fragile decorative items and heavyweight items such as computers and TVs. Our standard bubble wrap provides complete protection for any delicate products during the transit process.


When looking for packaging solutions for electrical goods and products that are sensitive to static electricity, anti-static bubble wrap is the ideal choice as this type of bubble wrap will not produce an electrostatic charge. Items such as computers, cameras and electrical components would benefit from being wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap as this type of bubble wrap helps prevent any damage caused by a static charge. Meaning anti-static bubble wrap also reduces costs for product repairs and refunds as the packaging protects electrical goods from any static damage occurring in the first place.


Bubble blanket is another type of bubble wrap and is most commonly used to protect furniture during transportation, shipping, or storage. Bubble blankets are used to protect products from any surface or impact damage. Keeping products safe and intact is crucial for maintaining customer trust.


What are the main benefits of bubble wrap?

There’s a reason bubble wrap is such a popular packaging material. It has so many benefits—the greatest of these is its versatility. Bubble wrap is able to cover any shaped object with ease. The various types of bubble wrap allow you to select the most suitable variant for your individual needs.


Bubble wrap is also extremely easy to use as it does not require any additional packaging supplies, all you need is some packaging tape to secure the wrap. As it’s such a lightweight material, bubble wrap packaging is extremely easy to work with and can also reduce shipping costs.


Bubble wrap has fantastic cushioning qualities thanks to the large numbers of air-filled bubble in the wrap that do not allow any kind of pressure to impact the fragile item directly.


Convenient, secure and versatile! No wonder it’s one of the most popular choices of packaging material.



What are the main benefits of cushion film?

Cushion film is ideal when you need a protective packaging solution that takes up minimal space. This product is inflated using a small virtually maintenance-free machine as and when it is needed, saving both time and space. You only have to inflate as much as your products needs, when you need it!


By requiring minimal storage space, the transport costs for cushion film are also reduced, making cushion film a cost-effective packaging solution.


Cushion film is a very multifunctional packaging option. It is suitable for both small and large products, delicate or heavy products, meaning it can protect just about anything! As the air cushions are filled as and when required, they provide a quick and efficient solution to filling any empty spaces in packages and ensure any product is safe for transport.


When packaging with cushion film, they can be placed above and around the product for total protection. Apart from additional impact resistance, cushion film is created from a non-abrasive material meaning products will arrive just as shiny and new as when they left your facility.


Another benefit of using cushion film to protect your products is that it is easy to dispose of after use, with one snip the air cushions are deflated and you are left with an empty pouch that can be recycled.


Protective packaging: what to consider


Bubble wrap

Something to consider when deciding if bubble wrap is right for you, is what you are protecting. Bubble wrap can’t always be used to package polished items. This is because bubble wrap can leave small cell marks on polished items which can be difficult to remove.


However, bubble wrap can be used to package almost anything else! From teapots to TVs, bubble wrap is perfect for protecting small lightweight items. It can be used to protect larger items as well. Some of these benefits include:


  • Extreme versatility
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of use
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Good insulation properties


The correct choice of packaging is crucial to making sure your products arrive safely and as intended. To ensure this you should focus on how your product is going to stay safe during transit, shipping and delivery.


To protect practically any sized and shaped product during transportation, bubble wrap is an ideal choice. The air pockets provide cushioning that absorbs shocks during unexpected movement, preventing damage to any products wrapped within the packaging.


Cushion film


Unlike bubble wrap, cushion film does require additional packaging equipment for its use. However, all that is needed is a virtually maintenance-free, reliable, machine. It’s compact, efficient and user-friendly. It can even be integrated into your packaging system!


Although cushion film does share many of the same benefits as bubble wrap, it also possesses its own. The benefits of cushion film include:


  • Space saving
  • Easy to store
  • Less product required to protect objects
  • Instant protection after inflation
  • Easy tear
  • Environmentally friendly


With bubble wrap, you may have to wrap the product with packaging several times before it is effectively protected. With cushion film you just inflate the number of air cushions needed and your product it instantly protected. Less packaging is therefore needed to effectively protect a product. This means that cushion film can save you time and money.


Not to mention cushion film is designed for easy tearing of individual cells. Bubble wrap generally requires cutting, potentially losing some of the ‘bubbles’.


Looking for bulk packaging solutions?


Depending on your needs and the qualities of your product, making a choice between cushion film and bubble wrap can be determined by which ones benefits work better for you. Both offer excellent protection for your products. If you need more advise on which is better for you, contact Springpack today.


With over 40 years of experience providing genuine packaging solutions, contact our knowledgeable team! They are the go-to people to help you find the best packaging solution to meet your needs.


We sometimes come across customers who require a bespoke packaging solution due to the unique nature of their products. When such a challenge arises you can depend on Springpack to find the best bespoke packaging solution for you.


Experience our Packaging Pro’s and call us on 01905 457 000 or send an email to [email protected] to see how we can meet your packaging requirements. To get all of our latest Springpack video content, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel. Sign up today!

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