BES Customer Case Study: Automation & Bespoke Products

We had the pleasure of visiting BES, who are a valued customer in the field of online retail. We caught up with the team regarding all things packaging and branding! They took the time to discuss how they have found dealing with Springpack, how eco-friendly packaging has taken their branding to the next level, and how they are benefitting from packaging automation.


Check out the wonderful feedback below!


Why did you choose Springpack?

I worked with Springpack at a previous company, so I know that Springpack delivers excellent service from the customer experience, through to the delivery of the product. The prices are always competitive, and Springpack works closely with us to look at new technology to improve efficiencies and reduce cost.


How would you rate our service?

The service we have received has been excellent. It’s nice to trust a supplier to deliver on time, and Springpack have been very accommodating with late requests too!


How has your experience been dealing with Springpack?

The experience has been fantastic. The switch from one supplier to Springpack was seamless. Springpack always looks to improve efficiencies, therefore reducing our costs. They also drive environmentally friendly packaging solutions, which has been a massive hit with our customers. And Springpack have also assisted with the marketing of our packages, by producing bespoke printed boxes.


How have Springpack improved your operational efficiency?

The stock holding that Springpack offer has benefited us massively. Our on-site stock of cardboard has reduced from 100 pallets down to 25! This has enabled us to build additional racking to utilise our warehouse more. The automation we have installed has revolutionised the packing of the small orders, and our productivity with the automation has increased five-fold, allowing us to move resource around the business.




How have the bespoke printed boxes helped your business?

The bespoke printing has really put us out there in the market. The branding also allows carriers to identify our parcels more clearly if there are every any discrepancies from the customer.


Why did you make the switch to paper tape?

BES had previously wanted to make our packaging more eco friendly, and working with Springpack we have been able to achieve this. This has also helped us prepare for the Plastic Packaging Tax that has come into force this year, as a lot of our customers will now only buy from eco friendly suppliers.


How has the hopper system streamlined your processes?

We have currently installed two hopper systems onto our workstations for easy storing and dispensing of the Air Cushions, which has helped the packers to be more efficient. It has created space, as we no longer need to store baskets of bubble at the end of our stations. It gives the benches a more professional look and feel too. Within two days of having the first hoppers installed, we decided to install them on all of our packing stations. They are so easy to use, and they are a real time saver.


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It’s fantastic to hear how our customer is working more efficiently than ever as a result of investing in automation. They are also becoming more eco-friendly, and getting their branding out there at the same time. It’s a win-win!


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