7 Ways to Reduce Your Packaging Costs

You could be making significant savings in your packaging process. Want to know how? Read latest blog on ways to reduce your packaging costs!


1. Order in bulk

If you know what packaging supplies you will need, when, and in what quantity, why not discover the many advantages of ordering in bulk. You can make significant and consistent savings, without ever compromising on the quality of the materials you are purchasing. Plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t ever run out of supplies!


2. Order for next day

By planning ‘just in time’ deliveries, you can make sure you only order exactly what you need at that time. It also means that space isn’t going to be taken up by packaging supplies that aren’t even needed yet and will make the packaging process easier for workers. Here at Springpack, our stock supply allows us to offer next day nationwide delivery for orders received by 3:30pm.


3. Select the perfect fit

Ensuring that the packaging you choose is right for the product is essential, not only to the protection of the product but also to reduce the amount of excess waste being produced. If you can reduce your packaging usage, straight away, you’ll reduce your packaging costs. Selecting packaging that is the right size, shape and material is the more protective and efficient way to transport your goods. No matter how unusual the item is we promise to find you a bespoke packaging solution, and we have a range of products including pallet wrap, tape, box inserts and padded bags that can all be personalised and tailored to your requirements.


4. Stock holding

Keeping a large warehouse of packaging stock can be very costly. All of the unnecessary stock can take up valuable space and put a halt to your plans of expanding production. By managing your inventory and utilising next day delivery, you can reduce this by allowing the packaging supplier to hold your stock for you. We can hold your products in our warehouse and deliver a specified amount when you need it, eliminating the risk of stock shortages and reducing admin.


5. Minimise packing time

As well as freeing up space to make the packaging process more efficient, you can also minimise packing time by automating packaging. This speeds up the process, and free’s up workers so they can perform other tasks. You can use strapping machines to secure loads in no time at all and reduce the number of people required to wrap each pallet. Try this semi-automatic strapping machine which takes approximately 2 seconds per strap to tension, seal, and cut strapping to produce a secure transit package. Alternatively, you can strap the pack at the press of a button or foot pedal with a fully automatic strapping machine!


6. Damage prevention

Damage could well be the hidden cost of your packaging. Damaged goods can lead to returns, replacement requests and stock being written off. This will harm your reputation and repeat business. Luckily there are proactive steps you can take to avoid damage and theft. Such as using tamper-evident security tape and labels to communicate how a package should be treated. For example, is the load fragile? Should it always be kept the same way up? Does it contain glass? Effective labelling can make all the difference to how your products are handled throughout the chain.


7. Cost-effective delivery

Using less packaging doesn’t necessarily mean you are risking the safety of a load. You can cut shipping costs by using a lighter and more effective void fill such as bubble wrap or foam, that also doubles up as excellent protection. We have all seen a small product arrive in an unnecessarily large box. Not only is this ineffective but it’s also wasteful. It’s also costing the sender more money to post! Measure the product you are packing for accuracy and choose appropriate packaging whether that be a box, bag or envelope. Swapping your standard stretch film for a higher quality alternative is also an effective way to reduce the weight. Less film will be used, without impacting the integrity of the wrap.


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