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Postal Plus - Ecom Packaging

We supply hundreds of different sized boxes, including standard, postalreturnable postal, extra large and Jiffy bags so you are guaranteed to find the package that’s right for your needs.

We’re also working hard to provide all the information you need so that you can be confident which Royal Mail pricing category it fits into. That means you should never be caught out by higher than expected delivery charges! 

Returnable Postal Box

Returnable Postal Boxes

Expandable Envelopes

recycled mailing bags

Mailing Bags

Returnable Postal Boxes

Our Returnable Postal Boxes are manufactured from a high quality corrugated board, and supplied in packs of 50. From books to special gifts, these robust boxes are a great solution for ecommerce retailers!

What’s more, having 2 ‘peel and seal’ strips means items and the boxes can be easily returned too. With the growth of ecommerce showing no signs of a slow down, our Returnable Postal Boxes offer an excellent ecommerce solution to items being returned.

Each box comes flat packed, so storage is kept to a minimum, and all of our Postal Boxes can be made up in seconds! No tape is required, which means they are 100% recyclable too. When it comes erecting boxes, taping them up can be quite time consuming. It’s fiddly on smaller boxes too. This solution alleviates the need for tape, and will ultimately reduce the time it takes to put them together.

To put the boxes together, simply fold the cardboard into place. Then ‘fix’ the bottom of the box in place by pressing down gently on the flap. To secure the box, just remove the top seal strip, and away to you go.

Expandable Envelopes

Produced with expandable sides to accommodate larger, more bulky items in the post such as documents, catalogues magazines and much more, these gusset envelopes are a great choice for helping your business to avoid the cost of a small parcel in the post.

The Peel and Seal strip allows for easy closure, and the 125 Gsm Manilla gives these envelopes the resilient credentials you are looking for.

The perfect eco friendly alternative to traditional mailing bags. They are manufactured from a lightweight, yet strong, paper. This means they are 100% recyclable too!

Mailing Bags

Our Mailing Sacks are manufactured from 100% recycled content, and they are 100% recyclable.

Complete with a strong self adhesive sealing lip, they are lightweight, tough and weatherproof too.

The grey polythene allows items to be packed without the items within being visible, adding an extra layer of security and confidentiality. The self sealing lip will show evidence of any tampering too. Items such as catalogues, printed documents, and even shoes can be packed using these bags!

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