Springpacks Successful Partnership with Chilled Storage Logistics Company

Challenge: Reducing Costs and Minimising Wastage in Chilled Storage

Springpack, a leading packaging company, joined forces with a renowned chilled storage logistics company to address cost and wastage challenges in their storage operations. Leveraging their cutting-edge product, Armour Wrap, Springpack aimed to provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution while reducing plastic usage and carbon emissions.


  1. Cost Reduction: Springpack sought to identify opportunities to decrease packaging-related costs, specifically focusing on pallet wrapping expenses.
  2. Sustainable Packaging: By introducing Armour Wrap, Springpack aimed to significantly reduce plastic consumption and carbon emissions, aligning with their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Partnership Approach: Springpack collaborated closely with the chilled storage logistics company to assess their existing packaging practices and identify areas for improvement. With a focus on cost reduction and sustainability, they explored the benefits of integrating Armour Wrap into the logistics company’s operations.


  1. Introduction of Armour Wrap: Springpack introduced their innovative Machine Film, Armour Wrap, to the chilled storage logistics company. Armour Wrap is designed to provide exceptional load stability and containment, reducing the need for excess packaging materials.
  2. Efficient Wrapping Process: Springpack’s experts worked closely with the logistics company’s team to optimise the pallet wrapping process. They provided training and support to ensure the efficient and effective utilization of Armour Wrap, minimising film waste and optimising cost savings.


  1. Cost Reduction: By implementing Armour Wrap, the chilled storage logistics company achieved significant cost savings. With savings of 7p per pallet, the company saved £14,560 annually, a substantial improvement to their bottom line.
  2. Plastic Usage Reduction: The adoption of Armour Wrap led to a remarkable reduction in plastic usage. By eliminating approximately 6 tonnes of plastic annually, the logistics company demonstrated its commitment to sustainable packaging practices, contributing to a greener environment.
  3. Carbon Emission Reduction: Alongside plastic reduction, Springpack’s Armour Wrap played a crucial role in decreasing carbon emissions. By reducing plastic usage and optimizing the wrapping process, the logistics company achieved a reduction of 0.9 tonnes of CO2, making a positive impact on their carbon footprint.


Through their partnership with Springpack and the adoption of Armour Wrap, the chilled storage logistics company successfully tackled their cost and environmental challenges. The introduction of this innovative packaging solution resulted in substantial cost savings, a significant reduction in plastic usage, and a notable decrease in carbon emissions. This collaboration showcases Springpacks dedication to providing sustainable packaging solutions that deliver tangible benefits to their partners.

Join Springpack in their mission to optimise packaging processes and reduce environmental impact.

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