We are excited to announce we are a Carbon Neutral company!

Are you looking for a Carbon Neutral packaging supplier? If so, then look no further!


You might recall the Carbon Neutral Pledge we announced in September 2021. Why not click here to refresh your memory of our plans!


In short, we wanted to make some changes to how we run the business, making it even more environmentally friendly. They weren’t small changes either. They were big changes. And that’s just what we’ve done!



Our Carbon Neutral Changes – Delivery Offer

Possibly the biggest change we have made to reduce our carbon emissions was launched in March 2022.


Following vital feedback from our customers, we simplified our delivery offer, moving to 2 delivery zones. Our customers asked us to help them reduce their impact on the environment, and our new offering does just that. More orders are now being consolidated, with fewer deliveries being made to our regular customers.


The impact of this change was felt straight away, and we will see the benefit when we analyse our carbon footprint for 2022.



Our Carbon Neutral Changes – E-Cargo Bike Delivery Trial

In August 2022, we wanted to reduce our Carbon Emissions even further, so we jumped on 2 wheels (well, 3 actually) to make some deliveries by bike!


Working with Raleigh on this project, we are currently trailing completing some local deliveries using one of their e-cargo bikes.


Keep your eyes peeled for us riding around Worcester, and give us a wave if you see us!


e-cargo bike trial




Our Carbon Neutral Changes – Bike2Work Scheme

Early in 2022, we launched a Bike2Work scheme, which allowed all employees the chance to ditch the car, and cycle to work! We partnered with Bike2Work and we’ve not looked back!


A large number of the team have engaged with the scheme, and are now cycling to work. We even celebrated ‘Cycle to Work Day’ in August – just look at all those happy cyclists!






Our Carbon Neutral Changes – Our Products

As well as looking at reducing our Carbon Emissions, we are always looking at sourcing the most environmentally friendly products too. Why not take a look at our blog on our top 6 options for eco friendly product protection for some inspiration! It’s packed with hints and tips on reducing the impact your packaging has on the environment.


Don’t forget to visit our environmentally friendly packaging section on the website too. Please click here to see our full range!



Eco friendly products



Carbon Offsetting

For this part of the project, we needed to work with industry experts, so we partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain. They ran a full review of all of our emissions, and reported back the results. We then worked with them to offset our carbon emissions from 2021. It was a straight forward process, and the team have also recommended a number of ways to reduce our impact on the environment too. Watch this space for our next set of eco friendly goals!


By working with James Poynter of Carbon Neutral Britain, we are officially a Carbon Neutral Company! A copy of our certificate can be found below, with our full report available on request;


Carbon Neutral Certificate



Being a Carbon Neutral packaging supplier is something that everyone at Springpack is incredibly proud of. And we pledge to do all we can do reduce our carbon footprint even further.


If you are looking at reducing your Carbon Footprint, your packaging is a good place to start. Contact a Packaging Pro to discuss your requirements, and switch to a Carbon Neutral packaging supplier today! If you have any questions on environmentally friendly packaging solutions, give us a call on 01905 457 000. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel too!

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