How To Wrap A Pallet By Hand

It may seem simple, but if you’re not doing it right, you could be wasting time, pallet wrap, and making yourself more prone to injury. So, read on to learn how to correctly wrap a pallet by hand!



How To Wrap A Pallet By Hand


First of all, we recommend the items you are wrapping are stacked correctly on the pallet.


Please ensure you stack the items on your pallet as close together as possible. This will limit the risk of the items shifting, and loosening, the pallet wrap during transit.  If items move, the load could become unstable, making it more likely for the goods to get damaged. Using anti-slip layer sheets between items can further prevent movement too.


To reduce the probability of damage in transit, stack the lighter, smaller items on top of the heavier, larger items, and place the goods within the pallet boundaries.


Next, select your pallet wrap – a great eco friendly option is our Simply Eco 30% Xtrastretch as it contains 67% more film per roll and its multi-layered structure creates flexibility. Peel about half a metre of film off the roll, and thread this through the corner of the pallet, and tie in a knot to secure.


Simply Eco Xtrastretch


Start wrapping from the base of the pallet, keeping the film well stretched. To avoid any of the load falling off make sure to wrap it tightly and securely. We always recommend wrapping the base multiple times, as this ensures the wrap is especially tight in the corners.


From here, wrap up from the base. Make sure that each layer overlaps the previous one, and should the load require even more stability, you can wrap from the top to the base.


Once you have finished wrapping, tear off the wrap and stick it to the end of the pallet.


Don’t forget to check the stability of the load! A good test is to push the items a the top, if they’re not loose your all set. If they are a little loose, simply add an extra layer of the wrap.


If the load has a flat top, why not add a Polythene Top Sheet. This will add an additional layer of protection from dust and moisture during transit and storage.



We asked Gary to wrap a pallet. See how he did it below!



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