Our Delivery Offer: We’re Making Planet Positive Changes

As part of our pledge to become Carbon Neutral by 2023, we are introducing a new delivery offering, that will benefit the planet, by further reducing our CO2 emissions. Customers who are able to consolidate multiple orders will also benefit too.



So, what are we changing?

Following customer feedback, we are simplifying our delivery offer, with just 2 delivery zones in operation. Our customers have asked us to help them to reduce their impact on the environment, and our new offering does just that.



Local Customers

As the vast majority of our customers fall within a 60 mile radius of Worcester, this will be our new Zone 1. For the benefit of delivery charges, the following postal area’s will be classified as being in Zone 1:

WR, B, BS, CF, CV, DY, GL, HR, NP, OX, SN, TF, WS & WV


Zone 2 will cover the rest of mainland UK. Due to the environmental impact of delivering goods, we will no longer be supplying products to the island of Ireland.



Deliveries in numbers

Throughout 2021, our fleet of vehicles travelled a staggering 280,502 miles, which is the equivalent of driving around the world 11 times.


When you consider our fleet typically covers a radius of 60 miles from our Head Office, that’s an awful lot of relatively short journeys. In fact, we have calculated this as over 22,000 unique deliveries. It’s a lot of CO2 emissions too. We calculate the emissions to total 255.83 tonnes. This figure needs to reduce to have a positive impact on our emissions, and ultimately, help us achieve our Carbon Neutral Pledge. With customer consolidating their orders, we’ll ultimately be making fewer deliveries, which will reduce our CO2 emissions.



When will the new delivery offer go live?

Our new delivery offer will be put live on Tuesday 1st March 2022, and it will apply to all orders placed with us on, and after, this date.



Small Order Charges

From 1st March 2022, all orders placed under £200 (ex VAT) will incur a delivery charge of £15. Orders over £200 will qualify for free delivery in zone 1.


By implementing this change, we predict a sizeable number of customers will consolidate multiple orders, meaning they qualify for free delivery. This will also mean few miles will be travelled, so it’s a win-win for our customers, and the environment.



Zone 2

For customers ordering outside of zone 1, this is where the biggest change will be felt. From Tuesday 1st March 2022, we will need to quote you for  delivery, as these orders will likely be delivered through a third party courier service. Charges will be vary by location, and whether or not an item is palletised.



CO2 Reductions

The delivery change is being driven solely by environment factors. And based on our calculations, this small change will have a hugely positive impact on reducing our CO2 emissions.


Our customers will benefit, with an even more effective delivery service.


The planet will benefit, as our CO2 emissions will be reduced.


And don’t forget, all orders placed by 3:30pm will still benefit from next working day delivery, with the same level of excellent service.



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