Plastic Free Postal Packaging

More than ever, consumers are demanding plastic free alternatives to many products. And packaging is no different. That’s why we have developed a range of Plastic Free Postal Packaging options that will get your products to your customers in one piece!



Let’s take a look at some Plastic Free Postal Packaging options



Postal Boxes

Located in the ecommerce packaging section of our website, you will find our extensive range of Postal Boxes.


This plastic free postal solution is becoming more and more popular with our customers. They are available in a wide range of sizes, with white and brown cardboard options. We even offer a bespoke printing service, so if you want to personalise your Postal Boxes, just give us a shout!


They are delivered flat packed to reduce your storage, but they can be put together in just seconds. Why not watch our short video below:



Once put together, you can see it offers a firm fit. If you wanted to secure the boxes even further, why not consider our Paper e-tape. It is made from strong Kraft paper and a natural rubber-based solvent. This makes the tape 100% recyclable. If you are looking for an alternative to plastic packing tapes, look no further!




Returnable Postal Boxes

New to our range of Postal Boxes are our Returnable Postal Boxes. Available in3 sizes, 160x150x75mm, 290x208x95mm and 375x255x150mm. All of these boxes have 2 ‘peel and seal’ strips meaning items and the boxes can be easily returned. With the growth of ecommerce showing no signs of slowing down, our Returnable Postal Boxes offer an excellent ecommerce solution.


All of our Returnable Postal Boxes come flat packed, and just like our regular Postal Boxes, they can also be made up in seconds!


To put the boxes together, simply fold the cardboard into place. Then ‘fix’ the bottom of the box in place by pressing down gently on the flap. To secure the box, just remove the top seal strip, and away to you go.


The box is opened by removing the perforated strip on the front of the box. Should any items with not be suitable, the box can be resealed using the second strip. As the box remains fully intact, the items can then be retuned in the same box they were delivered.


Check our this short video on using a Returnable Postal Box.






Book Wraps & Boxes

If you’ve ever ordered a book online, it was probably delivered in a Book Wrap or Book Box. These plastic free cardboard boxes offer real choice, with a variety of sizes and colours available.


Our Book Boxes are made from a flexible corrugated cardboard, and this means they offer all-round protection. You even have the ability do adjust the depth of the board to best suit the item(s) being sent. They really are a must-have for e-commerce businesses. And all are produced with a quick ‘self-seal’ strip. This makes them incredibly efficient when packaging items to be sent out to your customers.


Like with the other products highlighted, you could add an extra level of security with Paper Tape if wished.


Supplied flat packed, and you’ve guessed it, they can be made up in seconds. Just take a look!





Paper Mailing Bags

Our range of Paper Mailing Bags contain not plastic what so ever. They are 100% paper! Paper Mailing Bags were actually one of the very first eco-friendly packaging alternatives we ever launched!


Our Paper Mailing Bags were specifically designed of offer an eco friendly alternative to the traditional Polythene Mailing Bag. They are completely plastic free, and come with an easy peel and seal secure closure. This ensures the contents are quickly and easily secured, and protected during storage and transit.


All of our Kraft Paper Mailing Bags are 100% recyclable, and they can take 25kg of weight in them. They are tear proof, water-repellent, printable and as they can be resealed, they are reusable too.


To find out even more about our Paper Mailing Bags, please click here to read our blog.


paper mailing bags




Postal Tubes

Our 32 x 3″ Postal Tubes are the perfect solution for sending maps, posters or artwork in the post. If you can roll it, you can post it in a Postal Tube!


Postal Tubes are strong, so then can be used multiple times. Our Postal Tubes are manufactured from strong brown Kraft paper outer, and are supplied with polythene end caps. The tube is 100% recyclable, as are the polythene end caps.


Please remember to allow 15mm at either end for the end caps. The caps fit snugly, but tape can be applied to add extra security. Please click here to view our range of eco friendly Gummed Paper Tapes.


Postal Tube




Reduce Your Plastic Usage

In addition to switching to plastic free alternatives, we can also help you to reduce your plastic packaging usage. Be it offering paper-based solutions, looking at introducing recycled plastic, or simply reducing your overall packaging use. With the UK Plastic Packaging Tax just around the corner too, now is the right time to review your packaging.


Why not book up a free, no obligation, Packaging Audit? One of our Packaging Pro’s will come to site, and review your whole packaging process. We’ll also offer free advice on reducing your packaging waste too! Details of our Packaging Audits can be found here.



If you’d like further information on the range of Plastic Free Postal Packaging we stock at Springpack, get in touch with the Packaging Pros today! You can reach us by calling 01905 457 000 or by emailing [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel too!

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