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Paper Mailing Bags: The Eco-Friendly Choice

Eco-friendly paper mailing bags

In recent years, Everyone has grown more conscious of how their choices impact the environment. By becoming more

eco-friendly, businesses can improve their sustainability, improve their carbon footprint, and improve their reputation with consumers looking for ecological products and solutions.


One of the most significant eco-friendly movements that gains a lot of publicity, is the ‘war on plastic’. The term ‘single-use’ was named the word of the year in 2018 as its usage in conversation and media began to scorn the ‘single-use’ concept, and drove the conversation toward eco-friendly alternatives.


The reason the reusable water bottle industry is worth $5.5 billion isn’t just because people like the imagery. It’s because people are turning against plastics in a big way. In the fight against plastic, people are looking for new ways to do everything: to shop, to eat, to buy…to package.


In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the ways you can make eco-friendly choices with our new range of paper mailing bags.


How to make more eco-friendly choices with packaging

Whether it’s a result of stirring media productions, or an increased awareness of our role to actively grow more eco-friendly, people are turning their backs on many plastic options and actively seeking out eco-friendly solutions.


In the United Kingdom, it is estimated that over 5 million tonnes of plastics are used every year, nearly half of which is packaging. That’s 2.5 million tonnes of packaging in circulation in the United Kingdom every year.


And that’s just how long it’s in circulation for. We know that when it comes to plastic packaging, it’s not just around for a year. Apart from frequently recycled PET or HDPE plastic, most plastics do not break down effectively or in an environment-friendly way.


With millions of packages sent every year, making the eco-friendly choice will improve well-being and sustainability for millions of companies and individuals. Paper mailing bags are a great place to start your eco-friendly packaging journey. They’re affordable, easy to open for customers and – importantly – a more environmentally friendly option than traditional polythene mailing bags.


paper packaging bags


What are paper mailing bags?

Mailing bags are exactly what they sound like – a bag that can be filled with a product and then shipped wherever they need to go. Typically, mailing bags are created from polythene.


Polythene is considered a good material for this purpose because it doesn’t allow water vapour to permeate its surface and can be heat sealed for a tight, secure closure. However, it’s still a plastic material.


With that in mind, fully recyclable and biodegradable paper mailing bags are rising in popularity. They are capable of providing the exact same protection as their plastic alternatives and have a reduced ecological impact when the packaging no longer has a use.


Springpack’s paper mailing bags are 100% plastic-free, meaning there’s no oil involved in the breakdown process. Plus, their Oyster Kraft outer material is almost twice as strong as a traditional plastic option!


What are paper mailing bags used for?

Paper mailing bags are a fantastic ecommerce option. They come in a variety of sizes and have a tight tape-free seal to keep products safely inside. This means that you can safely package products ranging from clothing and jewellery to technology.


On top of that, paper mailing bags are printable. In a market where company branding is essential to getting a business noticed and remembered, an easy-print option is an ideal option.


With extra mailing protection, your customers are going to be confident that their products will arrive safely. Customers are also more likely to value a company that is taking an eco-friendly approach, as more and more people are showing disgust at unnecessary plastic involved in their purchases.


Benefits of Paper Mailing bags

  • 100% plastic-free
  • Fully recyclable
  • Sturdy – strong Kraft paper design
  • Cost-effective – affordably priced and competitive against most polythene bags
  • Easy to use – features a self-adhesive strip to seal and close quickly without additional tape


Tips from our #PackagingPros: 

  • Because there is such a wide range of sizes, it’s essential to pick the right size for your product
  • Need extra protection? Consider a tamper-proof mailing bag
  • Check the weight limits available


paper recycling


Go Green’ and change packaging supplier today

Packaging affects the entire supply chain, the environment and consumer attitudes. Choosing to ‘Go Green’ will directly impact your companies eco-footprint and the view your loyal customers have toward you.


Paper mailing bags might seem like an insignificant choice at first, but if as many packages were sent in paper mailing bags as were sent in plastic packaging, there wouldn’t be 2.5 million tonnes of plastic circulating in the UK – littering our homes, landfill sites and invading our environment.


At Springpack, we’re dedicated to providing eco-friendly packaging options for everyone. We dedicated our efforts to our business approach, and our product choices to achieve the ISO 14000 accreditation for incorporating environmental systems. This important environmental accreditation lets everyone we work with know that our environmental impact is measured and improved.


So what else do we offer? From our gummed paper tape to our kraft paper rolls, our environmental packaging range is the ideal eco-friendly alternative for standard packaging.


For a more eco-friendly approach for your business, choose Springpack. Get in touch today on 01905 457 000 or email [email protected]


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