Eco Friendly Paper Mailing Bags

Brown Paper Mailing Bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic mailing bags. In fact, tear-proof paper mailing bags can often provide better security than polythene plastic bags for shipping goods.


The combination of being eco-friendly and high quality means that many businesses now exclusively use recyclable eco-friendly mailing bags.


Paper mailing bags are available to purchase in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Your choice of size will depend on what you are looking to send.


Just some of the sizes available include:

110 x 165mm paper mailing bags can be used for small items such as jewellery or small handheld goods.

420 x 340mm paper mailing bags are an excellent mailing bag size for small items of clothing.

480 x 380mm paper mailing bags are perfect for fitting multiple items of clothing or larger products.

600 x 480mm paper mailing bags are the perfect solution to accommodate small to medium sized boxes. For example, shoe boxes can fit into this size of paper mailing bag.


The above suggestions are provided to give you a better idea of what you could fit in them.


Our paper mailing bags are 100% plastic-free, meaning there’s no oil or plastic pollution caused by the breakdown process. Plus, the Oyster Kraft outer material is almost twice as strong as the traditional plastic option!


If you’re sending something that needs a little extra protection, why not consider our Jiffy bags? Our Jiffy bags are padded using shredded paper fibres for extra strength. These Jiffy bags are similarly eco-friendly and can be fully recycled. Take a look at the complete guide to Jiffy bag sizes



Why Use Eco-Friendly Paper Mailing Bags?

In recent years, consumers have started to be conscious of how their choices impact the environment and their carbon footprint. By becoming more eco-friendly, you can improve sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint. This will help to improve your business’s reputation with consumers.


We all agree that one of the most important eco-friendly things to do is to reduce our dependence on plastic. The term ‘single-use’ was named the word of the year in 2018.

The reason the reusable water bottle industry is worth $5.5 billion isn’t just because people like the imagery. It is because consumers are turning against plastics in a big way.

In the fight against plastic, people are looking for new ways to do everything. Your customers are looking for more sustainable ways to shop, eat, buy and package.


So, that’s why you should consider using eco-friendly paper mailing bags.


But more than just their eco-friendly credentials, the quality is also excellent. Paper mailing bags offer just as good, if not better, security and safety for your goods than plastic. For instance, paper mailing bags are tearproof, which helps prevent any tampering or accidental damage. In contrast to this plastic mailing bags are more easily torn.


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What are paper mailing bags used for?

Paper mailing bags are a fantastic option for ecommerce businesses. They come in a variety of sizes and have a tight tape-free seal to keep products safely inside. This means that you can safely package products ranging from clothing and jewellery to technology.


On top of that, paper mailing bags are printable. In a market where branding is essential to getting a business noticed, personalising these bags would be a great idea.


With extra mailing protection, your customers are going to be confident that their products will arrive safely. Customers are also more likely to value a company that is taking a positive eco-friendly approach.

Learn more about eco-friendly e-commerce products here.



Benefits of Paper Mailing bags

  • 100% plastic-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sturdy – strong Kraft paper design
  • Cost effective – affordably priced and competitive against most polythene mailing bags.
  • Easy to use – features a “Peel and Seal” strip, to seal and close quickly without additional tape.
  • Durable and water repellent
  • Recycled packaging material



Tips from our #PackagingPros:

  • Because there is such a wide range of sizes, it’s essential to pick the right size for your product
  • Do you require extra protection? Consider a tamper-proof mailing bag
  • Check the weight limits available


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‘Go Green’ and change packaging supplier today

Packaging affects the entire supply chain, the environment and consumer attitudes. Choosing to ‘Go Green’ will directly impact your company’s eco-footprint and the view your loyal customers have toward you.


At first, kraft paper mailing bags might seem like a minor change to your packaging process. But did you know that plastic packaging accounts for an astonishing 2.5 million tonnes of avoidable plastic waste every year?


Just imagine the positive environmental impact you could make, simply by switching to a paper based alternative to polythene mailing bags.


At Springpack, we’re dedicated to providing eco-friendly packaging options for everyone. It may interest you to know that Springpack can provide you with environmentally friendly custom printed paper mailing bags.


Click here to submit your packaging design enquiry.


We have dedicated our efforts to our business approach and product choices, to achieve the ISO 14000 accreditation. This important environmental accreditation lets everyone we work with know that our environmental impact is measured and improved.


From gummed paper tape to Kraft paper rolls; our environmental packaging range is the ideal eco-friendly alternative, to standard packaging.


For a more eco-friendly approach for your business, choose Springpack. You can reach us by calling 01905 457 000 or by emailing [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel too!

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