Coloured Pallet Wrap

Sometimes referred to as stretch wrap, shrink wrap or wrapping film, pallet wrap is a fundamental component of packaging goods. And using coloured pallet wrap is one of the simplest changes you can make to achieve a much more efficient working environment.


Coloured pallet wrap enables you to colour code your pallets easily and minimise mistakes. It can also reduce tampering and protect your goods from sunlight if they are UV sensitive.



Colour Coded Pallet Wrap

The most obvious benefit of coloured pallet wrap is to colour code your pallets. For example, you may need to palletise a variety of goods separately. And the easiest way to differentiate between pallets is by using alternate colours depending on what your pallets contain. This makes handling pallets much more efficient in a busy warehouse and through transit. If you are delivering several pallets to various locations, colour coding them makes it very easy for everyone to know which pallets are which.


Additionally, colour coded pallet wrap can prevent cross-contamination. This is particularly important if you are handling foodstuffs or potentially harmful items. If you have a well-trained team who all understand what each coloured pallet wrap represents, you will reduce mistakes and prevent cross-contamination.


At Springpack we stock several colours of pallet wrap:


Red Pallet Wrap – this highly visible pallet wrap is ideal for colour coding different pallets in your warehouse and through transit. The red colour also keeps your goods hidden from display. And you can even use the red colour to indicate that high security is needed.


Blue Pallet Wrap – widely used in the food and catering industry. It is easily identifiable and can be used to differentiate pallets with food to those without. Blue is a colour that is not found naturally in any foodstuffs, which makes it particularly safe and useful in this environment.


Black Pallet Wrap – great for protecting your palletised goods from sight and from UV. Black pallet wrap can block out all light from getting through to your goods. It also adds additional security, as you cannot see any goods on the pallet. This can have a positive impact on product losses, or pilfering.


Clear Pallet Wrap – the most typically used type of pallet wrap. Great for keeping your goods safe and secure on pallets. Clear pallet wrap is best used alongside other colours to differentiate your pallets.



We stock several options in each colour. You can browse all options in our pallet wrap category.



More Coloured Pallet Wrap Benefits


Minimising Mistakes

When you work in a fast-paced environment and you need to fulfil a shipment order quickly, it’s inevitable that mistakes can happen. You can reduce the likelihood of mistakes happening by using coloured pallet wrap. When your team understands which colours to use for which pallets, they will be able to work at a faster pace. And therfore, they’ll be less likely to make mistakes.


Protection from Sunlight

Even just a small amount of time in the sun can damage certain goods. This includes cutting-edge electronic components that could be damaged by UV radiation. Black or tinted pallet wrap is the best way to protect these items through transit. You can block out all light getting through to the palletised goods. After all, there may be times when pallets are stored outside for some time. In which case, you should take all precautions to keep your goods safe.


Protection from Tampering

By using coloured pallet wrap, you’re also protecting your goods from being seen by others. This improves security and reduces the likelihood of tampering while your pallets are in transit. Coloured pallet wrap is also much harder to replace due to it being less readily available. Therefore, it will be much easier to determine if there has been any tampering evident.


Take extra precautions with your palletised boxes by using tamper proof gummed paper tape.




Where to buy Coloured Pallet Wrap

You can buy coloured pallet wrap online from packaging specialists such as Springpack. We sell an extensive range of pallet wrap, including blue, red, black and clear.


By choosing the right gauge of film, you can securely wrap almost any weight, shape, or size of a pallet. All our pallet wrap is sold in boxes of six. Next working day delivery is also available.




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