Which Paper Void Fill Should I Buy?

Paper void fill is a plastic free alternative to traditional void fill methods, like packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

Its purpose is to cushion and protect items during transport, to avoid breakages.

There are many different varieties of paper void fill, keep on reading to learn about them.


What is paper void fill?

Paper void fill materials are used for cushioning and protecting items during shipping and transportation. They are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials like bubble wrap or foam peanuts. As paper is a natural product, it is the perfect biodegradable void fill packaging. Here are some common options for paper void-fill materials.


What is Kraft Paper Void Fill?


Kraft paper is a popular void-fill material. It is strong and durable and provides excellent cushioning and protection for items. Kraft paper is available in paper rolls, sheets or as “Paper in a Box” and can be easily torn or cut to the desired length.


Kraft paper can be crumpled, rolled or scrunched as needed. It is a great protective packaging solution and is incredibly cost effective. It can also be wrapped around products to protect them from abrasions.



What are Corrugated Cardboard Rolls?


Corrugated cardboard rolls are rolls of fluted cardboard. They’re commonly used for protecting pottery from impacts during storage and shipping. They are often used as an environmentally friendly alternative to bubblewrap.



Why use Tissue Paper for Void Fill?


Tissue paper is a great void filler for protecting products such as shoes from rubbing together during transit. It works to reduce friction between two items in a box. Tissue can also be scrunched up to fill in the gaps in a box.



What are Paper Pads and Dividers?


These are pre-cut paper sheets used to separate and protect individual items within a shipping box. The pads and dividers can be layered to create additional cushioning between delicate items, preventing them from bumping into each other during transit.



What is Honeycomb Paper?


Honeycomb paper void fill is a protective packaging that consists of layers of paper formed into a honeycomb-like structure. It offers excellent shock absorption and can provide strong protection for fragile items. Honeycomb paper void fill is typically used for heavy or delicate items and can be recycled after use.


Honeycomb paper is supplied on the roll, and is often used with a dispenser. Due to its innovative pattern, it can often hold itself around the product without the need for additional adhesive.


What is Paper Loose Fill?


Paper pellets are small, compressed paper pieces that resemble foam peanuts in shape. They are lightweight and fill empty spaces in boxes to prevent items from moving around. Paper pellets are biodegradable and can be reused or recycled.



Paper-based Bubble Wrap Alternatives:


Paper Bubble wrap is a great alternative to conventional plastic bubble wrap. This material features a pattern of small air pockets that provide cushioning and protection. Paper-based bubble wrap alternatives are recyclable and offer a sustainable option for protecting items during shipping.


When choosing a paper void fill material, consider the fragility of the items being shipped, the size and weight of the packaging, and your sustainability goals. Using paper void fill materials not only helps protect your products during transit but also contributes to reducing environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly practices. If you’re looking for eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap, why not read our blog? 



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