Eco Friendly Alternatives to Bubble Wrap

In recent years, there has been an extreme increase in demand for alternatives to bubble wrap.


This is because since its creation, bubblewrap has been made with virgin materials, was ineffectively recycled, and had a high carbon footprint. In this guide, we will detail Eco Friendly Alternatives to Bubble Wrap to protect your products, and why Springpack’s Simply Eco is an environmentally friendly choice.

Paper and Cardboard Packaging


A key benefit of this using paper or cardboard for packaging is that it is a visual cue to the recipient that the packaging is curbside recyclable, and plastic free. Customers often associate kraft paper void fill packaging as being extremely easy to dispose of in a home recycling bin, and better for the environment.



Void Fill Paper


One of the most popular options for eco friendly postal packaging in the UK is Void Fill Paper. Void fill paper, is as it sounds – paper that fills a void inside your package. The benefit of our Void Fill Paper In a Box is that there is no need for a dispenser. This is because the box it is supplied in is the dispenser.

This paper is also perforated, meaning that it there is no need for the product to be cut or torn.



Eco Honey Comb Paper


Our Activia Honeycomb Paper is one of the most innovative choices for environmentally friendly packaging. This kraft paper has been pre-cut into a honey comb pattern and when stretched has a concertina effect.

Eco Honeycomb paper is a direct replacement for bubble wrap and is designed to protect the product it is wrapped around from impacts.

Ri-Pad Paper


The Ri-Pad or Ri-fill is a piece of machinery that produces folded paper automatically. It folds the paper into the same, highly resistant shape each time. The Ri-Pad/Ri-Fill paper is designed to block and brace the product for impact.


Paper Bubble Wrap


Paper bubble wrap also known as Globular Embossed Paper is made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable paper. It can be used in place of traditional bubble wrap.

Paper Bubble Wrap

Shredded Cardboard Strips


Some companies have chosen to recycle their internal cardboard waste using a cardboard shredder machine. This machine shreds cardboard and paper into void fill and protective materials.


Tissue Paper


Tissue paper is a very popular method of protecting products during transit. It has the added bonus of being easily brandable if your company is looking for a bespoke packaging solution.

Tissue paper can be easily curbside recycled in a domestic recycling bin, and is of high enough quality that it can be reused.



Recycled Plastic Packaging



With the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax in 2021, there has been a huge industry focus on reducing virgin plastic in packaging materials. As a result, many plastic bags and films are now specifically designed to be recycled and contain recyclable materials.



Simply Eco Bubble Wrap

All of Springpack’s Simply Eco range of bubble wrap contains at least 30% recycled content, and all of our bubble wraps can be recycled at curbside recycling centres or larger super market soft plastic collection points.


Air Pillow Packaging


Our Simply Eco Air Pillow Packaging is a great alternative to bubblewrap. These inflatable bags are made with post-consumer recycled plastic film, use groundwater-neutral production, and are designed to be easily recyclable at the end of their lifetime.

Air Pillow, sometimes called Air Cushion Packaging, is inflated on demand by a machine. Being inflated on demand results in a significant reduction of transport resources required for us to deliver the product, and a significant decrease in the amount of on-site storage you will need to store it. This increase in energy efficiency, coupled with the high level of recycled plastic mean that Air Pillows are an incredibly sustainable alternative to bubble wrap.



We hope this guide has been helpful to you in learning about the alternative options to bubblewrap. If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this post, please submit an enquiry, and one of our helpful team will get back to you as soon as possible.



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