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Introducing the latest eco-friendly brand to the packaging industry. Welcome to Simply Eco by Springpack.


Here at Springpack, we are passionate about offering our customers eco-friendly packaging solutions. Be it switching to a greener product, or offering advice on how to reduce packaging waste. A huge driver for this has been the free packaging audits we offer, and with our ever expanding range of Environmental products, now is the time to formally welcome Simply Eco by Springpack to the market!


So what is Simply Eco by Springpack?

Put simply, it’s our new brand for the products that you find in our Environmental Range. We have been working incredibly hard on getting the products right, so the next logical step was to give it a name!


Chris Clarke, our Marketing Manager, said: “A brand name is more than just a name. It’s a lot more than a logo too. It’s what the product stands for.” Chris continued. “With the logo, we’ve intentionally kept it simple, but the logo is only a small part of the story. The real hard work has been done by our Sales Team discussing eco-friendly packaging with our customers, and with our customers for wanting to change.”


What products will be branded Simply Eco by Springpack?

July see’s the launch of a new range of Eco Friendly Bubblewrap & Eco Friendly Pallet Wrap, all featuring 30% recycled content. These will be the first products to feature the logo, with the range expanding as the year progresses. Effectively, everything in our Environmental Range will fall under the brand.


Mark Clements, our Procurement Manager, added. “We have been working with our suppliers to offer products with the very best of green credentials, and we’re really excited by the range. The product range will grow too, and we’re already working on more projects linked to the EU Plastic Tax. Watch this space!”


Everyone at Springpack is delighted to welcome our new range and we’re all really excited about what the future holds for Simply Eco by Springpack!


For more information on the eco-friendly products offered by Springpack, please read our Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions blog.

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