Springpack’s 2021 Highlights

What another interesting year 2021 was. During a second year where many of us stayed at home, it was another year where community spirit was brought to the fore. Here at Springpack we have continued to support our customers throughout 2021, and it’s been another busy year for us. Why not take a look at some of our highlights!



Our Carbon Neutral Goal

At Springpack, we take protecting the environment very seriously. So much so, that we have set ourselves a target of being Carbon Neural by 2023.


We plan to introduce a cycle to work scheme early in 2022, and we have recently launched a Plant-a-Tree programme. We also have plans to further electrify our fleet of vehicles too.


And we’re not stopping there.


We are always looking to drive change, be it with our colleagues, or our customers. And this is why we have continued to develop our range of eco-friendly packaging products. By launching even more products that are environmentally friendly, we are also helping our customers to lower their carbon footprint too.


Please click here to read more about our Carbon Neutral pledge, and how we are making Springpack more sustainable.


Carbon Neutral




Product Partnerships

During 2021, we were delighted to announce a product partnership with both ActivaTec and Lantech.


Both of these brands are market leaders in their field, and we are really excited to be able to include them in our range.


ActivaTec offer excellent paper based packaging solutions. From Eco Honeycomb Paper, through to paper tape. We also offer the Electronic Gummer Paper Tape Dispenser.


Our most recent addition was their Void Fill Paper. It’s such a simple concept too! Also known as ‘Paper In A Box’, it really is packing paper in a box. As the paper is kept within the box, it’s super easy to store, and to move between packing stations. Our customers love it too!





The product range offered by Lantech, is all about automation, and improving your operation efficiency. From Case Erectors to Case Sealers, if you are a high volume user of boxes, this could be right up your street!


All of the Lantech products are high spec, but simple to use. There are usually only a couple of buttons to press!


Contact us today, of click here to see if you could benefit from one of the Lantech packing solutions!








New Product Launches

In addition to the launches of ActivaTec and Lantech, we have been working hard behind the scenes to develop more of our own range of products too. As mentioned above, we’ve very much focusing on our eco-friendly packaging solutions.


For example, we have focused heavily on plastic-free products, such as Paper Tape. And we’ve recently launch some FRAGILE Printed Paper Tape. Our new rage of Returnable Postal Boxes offer an excellent solution for ecommerce companies, and they require no tape whatsoever. We’ve even launched a new paper-based strapping solution. Please click here to view our Paper Strapping.

Fragile Printed Paper TapeReturnable Postal BoxPaper Strapping




Tree Planting

We have recently rolled out a programme to plant a tree for every review we are left on Trustpilot. We have chosen to partner with One Tree Planted for this, and we planted 220 trees in October.


This programme will continue to run, with future trees being planted on a quarterly basis.


One Tree Planted




The Springpack Team

2021 saw us increase our number of colleagues, with 5 new appointments being made.


Emma joined our Customer Services Team, with Jason joining as a Business Development Manager, covering the East Midlands. We also welcomed Samantha to our Purchasing Team, and George as our Financial Controller. And we didn’t stop there! Ashley joined our Sales Team too!


To meet Emma, Jason, Samantha, George, and Ashley, as well as the rest of the Springpack team, please visit our Meet The Team page.


Meet The Team - Emma Meet The Team - Jason Meet The Team - Samantha Meet The Team - George Meet The Team - Ashley



On behalf of everyone at Springpack, we want to thank our loyal customers, and all of the key workers who have kept the country running throughout 2021. If you would like to discuss your requirements for 2022, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01905 457 000.

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