Packaging Supplier Delays: Impact and Solutions

In the fast paced logistics world, efficient communication with suppliers is paramount to your success.

It is no surprise that slow response times from your packaging supplier lead to delays.


Delayed delivery of your essential packaging materials can halt your production line and impact your delivery schedules. In this guide, we explore the impacts of supplier delays and the solutions that Springpack offer.

Did you know: on average you can expect a response from the Springpack Sales Team in less than 15 minutes?




Backlogs in dispatch


Efficient production schedules are essential to keeping your packaging operation running as smoothly as possible. Running out of packaging supplies can lead to backlogs of products waiting to be shipped. Shipping backlogs lead to ineffective use of resources.



A Missed Deadline


Slow response times from your packaging supplier lead to deadlines in the production of packaging products being missed or delayed. For example, if you use die cut or printed mailing boxes, a slow response time on your order could lead to a delay in production. This can delay deadlines or order fulfilment.



Increased Shipping Costs


A delay in order acknowledgement can lead to a delay in your packaging materials arriving. This delay may push you to use more expensive expedited shipping methods to uphold your service standard.



Specification Compromises


Significant delays can lead to switching the packaging product you use to one that does not meet your requirements. This often leads to a temporary switch to an underspecced product to learn more about the issues that can arise with an underspecced product, why not read our blog?





Switching to a trusted packaging provider such as Springpack means you can ensure fast response times, next day delivery, and the perfect specification with every order.



Response Time


Here at Springpack, we pride ourselves on fast response times. Unlike many packaging suppliers, we are easily contactable by phone. You can rely on our skilled sales and customer services team to answer your calls within 6 seconds. Why not give us a call today on 01905 457000?

If you prefer the digital approach, a member of our expert enquiries team will respond to your email within 15 minutes.



Stock Holding


Our 79,000 square feet facility, Woodside Point, is fully stocked with products for all of your packaging needs. We offer Same Day (Location Dependent) and Next Day delivery across England, Wales and Scotland. To learn more about how we ensure we have the perfect stock of your packaging essentials, why not read our Case Study with Slimstock?

If an off the shelf solution is not for you, we offer a stock holding and call of option. Meaning you can order your bespoke lines when needed, and you can trust Springpack to deliver them the next working day.

To learn more about how Springpack’s stock holding service can benefit your packaging operation, why not read our Case Study with Oprema?

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