Our Guide To Paper Bags

Brown paper bags are just brown paper bags, right? You should think again. There are lots of different options to choose from, from padded paper bags to paper carrier bags, all of which have different purposes.


Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a paper bag:


What are you putting in the paper bag?

You will need to determine what level of protection you need from the paper bag. This will depend on what you are putting into it.

Fragile items like glass bottles or ceramics need a lot of protection when they’re being transported. For these types of items, our Jiffy Padded Bags offer a high level of protection. This is because they are manufactured with tough outer paper and feature a 100% recycled paper fibre lining.

For detailed information on Jiffy Bags, please see our Jiffy Bag Size Guide!


For items that aren’t as fragile but still need some level of protection, our Honeycomb Padded Paper Bags would be the perfect solution. Think metal car parts, books, or DVDs.


Finally, our Kraft Paper Mailing Bags are perfectly suited for products that require a low level of protection. These paper bags don’t offer any padding, but they are tear-proof and water repellent. They are a great solution for sending fabric garments, nuts and bolts, or items already in a box.



Are you posting it?

When you are posting goods you want to reduce your postage costs as much as possible.

Therefore, small paper bags would be a good solution, as the smaller the item, the smaller the postage cost. A common mistake is to buy only one size, and send your items accordingly. It’s vital you use the right size bag for your item, as it will be more secure, and arrive safely. Postage costs could be reduced too.


All of our paper mailing bags are made from lightweight material to reduce postage costs. Why not click here to check out our blog on Royal Mail parcel sizes to give you some info on the sizes and weights of what you are sending?



What colour do you require?

Sometimes you may want to change your brown paper bags for something more colourful. If that is the case we stock a range of White Paper Bags. Furthermore, our Kraft Paper Mailing Bags can be printed on, so you could make your paper bags bespoke to your brand.



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