How To Make Up A Book Wrap

Our Book Wraps are an ideal way to easily send books through the post. They are perfect for e-commerce businesses, and the flexible corrugated cardboard gives full protection to your items. The quick ‘self seal’ strip makes them very quick to pack too. We’ve even put together some quick and easy steps to follow to make up these boxes!


How To Assemble Our Book Wraps.

Follow our step by step guide to make up our Book Wraps:


  • Pick up the box with one hand in the centre of each side. Make sure the white tape strips are at the top.
  • Twist the right side slightly forward, and then towards the left, until the two halves make a + shape.
  • Ensure the tape strips are still at the top, and place the item your are packing in the middle.
  • Fold the left lap over the product, then peel the strip off the tape and fold it over.
  • Fold the bottom flap over, then peel the strip off the top tape strip, and fold the top flap over.
  • Your item is now packed and ready to go!


The sides of our Book Wraps are scored in multiple places, which allows you to pack items of varying thicknesses. We stock five different sizes in both brown and white, so we have the range for all shapes and sizes!


Why not check out our handy video, which shows you exactly how to make up a Book Wrap!




If you are looking for other postal packaging solutions, check out our blog to discover more plastic free postal packaging options that Springpack can offer.



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