How is Bubble Wrap Made?

From keeping a porcelain doll safe and sound during transport to void-filling packages, or even insulating a bird aviary. It is no overstatement to say that bubble wrap is one of the most versatile packaging supplies on the market.



So, How is Bubble Wrap Made?


The process of making bubble wrap starts off with small “Grains” of resin, sometimes called nurdles. These grains are mixed to a specific recipe, that takes into consideration the recycled content and performance required. If Anti Static Pink bubble wrap is being created, dye and anti-static ingredients are also added.


Next, the melted plastic is rolled into sheets. Those plastic sheets are then heated, which causes it to melt and combine, it is converted into long sheets. Next, these plastic sheets are rolled through rollers with small holes in them.


Then, the film pulled through a vacuum, which inflates the bubbles. They are then quickly sealed in with another thin layer of film.


The finished product is then rolled up, and the product is complete.


To use the bubble wrap, simply nestle the item you’re wrapping inside and cut with a Stanley Knife.



What are Common Uses for Bubblewrap?


The wrap is extremely popular in the shipping industry and can be found in lining bubble mailers, or inside packaging protecting fragile items.



What was Bubble Wrap Invented For?


In the late 1950’s it was invented as wallpaper!



Where to Buy Bubble Wrap Near Me?


Here at Springpack, we are proud to offer a simple and reliable next-day delivery service. This means you can always find the eco friendly products you need, wherever you are in the UK!



What are Eco Friendly Alternatives to Bubble Wrap?


We are glad to say, all of our Simply Eco rolls of bubble wrap contain a minimum of 30% recycled content, with some lines containing up to 50%!


Some great bubble wrap alternatives to protect your products are Honeycomb Kraft Paper; shredded corrugated cardboard; Paper void fill or Air Cushions. Click the button to view our range of fully recyclable packaging materials.

A great benefit of Bubble Wrap is that it usually offers 100% recyclability, and can be recycled at curbside recycling points or larger supermarkets.



Why is popping bubble wrap so fun?


Honesty, we’re not sure. But what we are sure of is that squeezing those little air bubbles is super fun! We even had a competition on our LinkedIn page to see who could pop them the fastest.

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