5 Great Ways to Recycle Wooden Pallets 


Pallet wood is one of the easiest to reuse packaging materials. There are thousands of things to make with wooden pallets!

From outdoor furniture to storage for bins, the ideas for pallets are endless! And with used pallet prices being incredibly low, these DIY projects for your garden are very affordable!

This guide will show you Springpack’s top five pallet decor ideas, to benefit the wildlife in your garden.


Hedgehog Home

The population of one of Britain’s most loved creatures has dropped by around 75% in recent years. This population decline has been mainly attributed to habitat loss and predators. By recycling wood pallets, you can build a hedgehog house for your garden. This can help prevent predators, and combat the lack of habitat the hedgehogs have.

If you would like to build a hedgehog home, this guide by The Wildlife Trust is very helpful.


Compost Bin

A compost bin is another great DIY pallet project! Making your own compost is incredibly simple, and is great for adding nutrients to your garden. It also helps reduce food waste! According to the RSPB, up to 60% of household waste is organic, and therefore compostable!


Compost Bin


Bird House

Making houses for wild birds, or even a bird aviary for your pets is another great use for reclaimed pallet wood!

Bird houses are great nesting boxes for birds to safely lay their eggs. This reduces the risk of predators harming them, or baby birds falling from the tree.


Garden Planter

Whether you’re using wooden crates, mini pallets or a standard euro pallet. Making a planter is a great way to reuse pallet wood. Perfect for growing your own food, or planting wildflower seeds to attract pollinators to your garden.

Similarly to the loss of hedgehogs, due to a loss of outdoor space, pollinators such as bees are in decline. Statistics show that one in every three bites of food we take has been produced because of pollinators, such as bees!

This all means creating a garden planter from pallets is a great idea to do your bit for the earth.



Insect Hotel

Insect and bug hotels are becoming more and more popular in gardens and nature reserves around the UK!

Mini bug hotels, like the one in the picture above, are commonly fixed to fenceposts. Whilst large, full-size insect hotels are being found in larger garden spaces and nature reserves.

Do you want to construct an insect hotel from pallets? Wildlife Watch has a guide that can help you. It provides all the information you need to build an insect hotel using old plastic bottles, cardboard, pallets and bricks.


insect hotel


We hope this guide was useful to you and has inspired you to create your own upcycled pallet garden. If you like this kind of content, why not tell us on Twitter or Linkedin? For more inspiration on how to recycle used packaging, check out our Information Pack!


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