Why Is Packaging Important?

Although it can often be an afterthought, packaging is a fundamental aspect of supply chain management. Whilst its core purpose is to protect your products, it can also play a key role in the correct handling of your goods. Your brand representation can also be improved when using the right materials. Whether you’re dealing with large electrical equipment or small pharmaceutical products – packaging has an impact from the moment it is used in the warehouse.



The Role Of Packaging In Logistics


Implementing an effective and efficient packaging operation is crucial for your company’s logistics. Your aim is to get goods moving safely throughout the distribution system so that it arrives with the customer in the same condition as it left the warehouse. Packaging plays a huge role in this process, starting with the selection of appropriate robust materials that can withstand the rigours of transportation.


It also enables you to store products efficiently so that you can stack loads, place them on pallets, and move them easily within the warehouse when it comes to preparing for delivery. When goods are being prepared for transport, protective packaging is there to limit the movement of the products and prevent unnecessary damage.


As well as protecting the product, packaging contributes to efficient distribution, makes storage easy, and can convey crucial handling information, all while promoting your company at the same time! With the right process in place, clever use of packaging can allow you to deliver large quantities in an efficient way, freeing up space, reducing costs, and saving valuable time.


Why is packaging important



Protecting Products With Packaging


The protection and preservation of your products is always the number one priority, and packaging plays the most important role in ensuring these goods arrive at their final stop in perfect condition.


If it doesn’t fulfil this primary purpose then it could lead to shipping or logistical damages, which in turn leads to repairing or replacing the item and then re-delivering.


Not only does this amount to extra costs but also results in a loss of customer satisfaction and reputation. Taking the time to ensure your packaging is fully preparing your product for its journey will save not just money but also hassle in the long run.


tapes and adhesies



Controlling How Items Are Handled


Even with outer packaging and protective packaging in place, if a parcel is handled incorrectly at some point along the supply chain then it could lead to costly damage.


Packaging is the perfect place to convey important handling information that distributors should know. Different messages can be displayed on boxes.


From something as simple as ‘FRAGILE’, to which way up the items should be moved. However, there are occasions where more detailed instructions are required. For example, the temperature range your products must be stored at.


Making good use of packaging materials like labels and printed tape is your opportunity to do what you can to make sure that the product arrives in perfect condition. Applying a label with ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ or ‘DO NOT BEND’ or a tape saying ‘FRAGILE’ when appropriate can make all the difference and potentially save you a lot of money.


Packaging can also be marked with information regarding quality checks. Quality control labels indicate when certain checks have taken place and are colour coded for easy identification. This ensures that only fully approved items leave the warehouse.



Why is packaging important



Improving Efficiency And Reducing Downtime


Time is money. And a lot of time can be wasted if your packaging is not organised effectively. Not having the right tools doesn’t help either! With packaging that is easy to use, and tools that minimise packing time, you can improve your operational efficiency.


You can boost productivity with strapping tools and, pallet wrapping machines. Tape Dispensers help to increase your output too. Getting your products out of the door fast is great. It will free up space in your warehouse for more stock, and your customers will appreciate it too.


The delivery speed of products is accelerated when efficient packaging processes are in place. Combine this with proper labelling, and quality packaging that is suited to the product, and you can save time and money. It will also reduce the risk of damage occurring.


Whilst packaging can make storing your goods simpler, you can also free up space by getting ‘just in time’ deliveries. We offer a stock holding service, so you can order and have quantities delivered when it’s convenient for you. Give us a call on 01905 457 000 to find out more about this service.



The Choice


While using the same box for every product may be tempting, this could lead to waste. It could increase the likelihood of damage too. Every product is different and requires packaging to suit. Factors to consider when choosing packaging include size, shape and weight. Sustainability might play a part too. These factors will dictate the type, and material, that you need.


Especially when the goods are fragile, packaging that cushions can make all the difference. There are various types of protective packaging available that are suitable for different types of product. For example, you can use Bubble or Foam products to cushion and absorb the impact should an incident occur during transit.


In some cases, a bespoke packaging solution is required. Here at Springpack, we offer a Specials Service for when you need packaging that is specifically designed to protect your product. Talk to the Packaging Pro’s, and we’ll work with you to come up with the perfect solution.


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The Impact On The Environment


Packaging waste is one of the biggest contributors to landfill in the UK. Without adopting sustainable packaging practices companies produce excess packaging waste that directly contributes to an increase in pollution as more packaging then has to be produced.


Packaging can contribute to sustainability. Choosing something that is effective at protecting, and is also reusable or recyclable, is a greener way to pack. If you are experiencing issues with packaging breaking or regularly having to deal with damaged goods, then it may be time for an audit. Not reactive will only lead to more waste being produced.


In the last evaluation of waste production in the UK, the highest recycling rate was 81.9% for paper and cardboard. Followed by 68.7% for metal and 67.1% for glass. Paper and cardboard should always be recycled but there are other materials that can be recyclable too. Check with your waste management company for a full list. Increasing the amount of items you are recycling will reduce your carbon footprint. It could also save you money on disposal costs. Savings can even be passed down the chain. Especially if you reduce the amount of excess packaging that you are sending.



The Role Of Packaging In Marketing


Packaging is often the first impression your customers, clients or distributors will have of the company. This makes it a valuable marketing opportunity, giving you the chance to promote your brand and uphold your professional image. Here at Springpack, we can add your logo or brand colours to your packaging. This will boost brand awareness throughout a package’s journey. For more information on branding, get in touch with our team today.



How Does Packaging Improve Customer Experience?


Packaging and Customer Experience go hand in hand. The packaging of a product is often the first physical experience a customer has of your brand. High-quality, fresh looking packaging is more appealing to the end user when opposed to a damaged or tatty box.


Similarly, the effectiveness of the packaging is incredibly important too – a customer who has received damaged items as a result of poor packaging is likely to have a negative experience of your brand.


Branded Packaging is another great tool to improve customer experience because it works to build and improve your brand’s awareness. A customer who is purchasing similar products from multiple suppliers may be ordering similar products from your competitors. Having branded packaging will allow your brand to stand out from the competitors.



Are You Spending Over £1000 Per Month On Packaging?


Contact the Springpack team to arrange a packaging review and receive the best prices on our wide range of bulk packaging supplies.



Packaging doesn’t need to be a headache, and at Springpack we can ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. Call us today on 01905 457 000 to discuss your requirements or e-mail [email protected]. Don’t forget to take a look at our YouTube channel for more information on the products we recommend!

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