What is a Cardboard Corrugator?

What is a Cardboard Corrugator?

The 3 key stages of corrugated cardboard are:

  • Corrugating the flutes and gluing to a single sheet.
  • Gluing the outside liner to make a rigid board.
  • Cutting the board to a specific size.

Three, five, or seven sheets of paper (known as containerboard) are unrolled simultaneously onto a corrugator: the inner liner, the outer liner and the medium (also called fluting).

This medium sheet is given a waved pattern for durability and cushioning during transportation. This type of corrugation is done by pressing the medium sheet under heat which gives the paper its fluted shape in a single layer.

This is when glue is applied to the outer liner and the inner liner to the corrugated medium sheet of paper to make a rigid board that is ready for the cutting process when it comes out as a flat board sheet.

Each type of corrugated sheets have different material layers depending on the amount of sheets used in construction:

  • Single face (2 layers)
  • Single wall (3 layers)
  • Exposed flute (4 layers)
  • Double wall (5 layers)

What is Corrugated Cardboard used for?

Corrugated Cardboard is used in household packaging, usually for storing larger items when moving homes or for conveniently posting and transporting many small items. Given Corrugated Cardboard can be cut down to a specific size, it is commonly used to transport goods with different sizing requirements, with the added benefit of colour options available for branding.

What are the Pros and Cons of Corrugated Cardboard?


  • Light

Corrugated Cardboard boxes are light, making it easier to transport goods and items.

  • Price

The manufacturing process and materials required are more affordable to create over alternative boxes.

  • Printing

Many companies will create custom printed corrugated boxes for use in transportation and home deliveries for marketing and brand awareness.

  • Sizing

Corrugated Cardboard boxes are cut down into certain shapes, designs and sizes depending on the requirements of the order. This means businesses that need thousands of certain boxes at different dimensions can do so quickly than other methods.

  • Recycling

Once used, cardboard can be broken down into an eco-friendly product to be reused again for similar purposes.


  • Weight

Corrugated Cardboard is a tough material, but it will not take as much punishment compared to packaging materials like wood or plastic. There may be instances when carrying heavy items and packed on top of each other, the pressure will flatten the shape.

  • One Time Use

Plastic will resist the elements of both weather and general wear and tear for months or years of use. Cardboard of any kind is susceptible to water damage and is generally used for one time transportation jobs.

Examples of Corrugated Cardboard

Springpack supplies ready made sheets of corrugated cardboard to be used in transporting delicate items or as an extra cushion during storage.

You can buy rolls from 100MM x 75M to 1800MM x 75M to cut into the size and amount you need. Ideal for general purpose packaging and protection. All Corrugated Cardboard sheets are made from strong 100% recycled paper making it an environmentally friendly alternative for companies looking to improve their green impact. For an entire range of eco-friendly Corrugated Cardboard that reduce shipping costs, you can find out more on the Corrugated Paper Rolls Environmentally Friendly list.

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