Pallet strapping, sometimes referred to as pallet banding, is very useful for attaching cartons, crates and boxes to pallets. It can also bind multiple items together for easier handling, and can help to fasten goods together. Pallet strapping can also reinforce the structure of cartons and boxes to help prevent damage. At Springpack, our wide range of Strapping offers our customers real choice. You can use pallet strapping or pallet banding for all kinds of different packaging needs. With steel, polypropylene, & woven polyester options available, we have the range to suit you exact requirements. We have even created a series of mobile or static kits to make shopping the range even easier! If you're looking for heavy duty pallet strapping to secure extremely heavy items, such as building materials, bricks or large amounts of stoneware, steel strapping is usually the recommended option. For medium duty strapping and palletising needs, polypropylene or polyester strapping may be the better option. Or, if you require smaller pallet banding solutions to safely secure smaller products, we stock a range of cable ties & twine too. If you get through a lot of strapping, strapping dispensers will also save you significant time and energy. With over 130 products in the range, we've got everything you'll ever need! Ordering your Strapping from Springpack really couldn’t be easier. Don’t forget, we deliver the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm.