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Fabrication meaning: “the action or process of manufacturing or inventing something.”

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The fabrication sector covers a multitude of different companies, specialities and techniques. Laser cutting, metal fabrication, steel fabrication, aluminium fabrication, powder coating all creating finished products require a different level of packaging.

Some companies require bespoke heavy duty packaging, where some require more simple containment packaging such as cardboard boxes, tape and strapping, no problem, Springpack has you covered.

Laser Cutting

Packaging Solutions, not just a list of products.

Here at Springpack we offer something which is rather unique in the industry. We have an in-depth selection of stocked products, providing a simple one stop solution. Wait, what, this is nothing unique!.

Correct, however when you add in our generations of packaging experience from the packaging pro’s, bespoke / tailored tape and boxes, brandable products, next day delivery, packaging audits, warehouse space with call off options and dedicated reports, plus eco friendly, reliable material sourcing, this is unique to Springpack.

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Rivco Packaging

Rivco / ARK

Someone will come down to see us to try to work out a solution with us on-site.

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Protective Packaging


“Springpack have helped us remove 11,00O rolls of plastic tape

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Eco-friendly options via Springpacks SimplyECO range.

The first synthetic plastic — Bakelite — was produced in 1907, marking the beginning of the global plastics industry. According to our world in data Over the next 70 years, annual production of plastics increased nearly 230-fold to 460 million tonnes in 2019.

This is why Springpack always looks to reduce the amount of plastic used in its packaging and always innovates its procedures to match. This is why we launched our own range of environmentally friendly packaging which we call SimplyECO.

Using at least 30% recycled materials and providing products which are 100% recyclable is our way of steering the packaging industry and customers packaging habits to a better, greener place.

You can see the full SimplyECO range by clicking here. This includes our SimplyECO Friendly Bubblewrap, SimplyECO Machine Film / Pallet Wrap and SimplyECO Mailing Bags / Mailing Sacks

We also have a dedicated area which houses our product information sheets. These outline the material make up and vital statistics, if you require any further information you can easily speak to our team.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Save costs, time and customers with Springpack Protective packaging options

When manufacturers have gone to the effort to ensure 100% quality control in their methods of manufacturing product, making sure the finished product arrives in store safely and efficiently is critical. This requires a packing and distribution boxes that not only keeps high-value contents secure at every level but also simplifies the rigours and complexities along the supply chain.

According to NIBusiness, most furniture manufacturers spend between one and three per cent of their turnover on packaging. Reviewing your product packaging can have a significant impact on costs as returns are minimised. However, you should avoid overpackaging. Effective methods to reduce product packaging include:

  • Rationalising your packaging use by using automated systems such as our Robopac or Lantech machines and transparent packaging, enabling operators to recognise easily damaged products
  • Training to ensure operators correctly handle products during packaging and transport and that they understand the true cost of returns to your business

Our wide range of protective packaging range consists of edge guards, bubble wrap, net sleeving and foam profiles, just to name a few. The full range can easily be seen here.

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