Packaging Lead Times: What To Expect

As one of the leading packaging suppliers in the UK, we know how important lead times can be. When time isn’t on your side, speedy lead times can make all the difference to ensuring goods are delivered on time and in one piece.


There are many different components of the packaging process that can affect the lead time on your ordered packaging. Read on to find out what lead times you can expect when ordering protective packaging.


What are common lead times on packaging?

Packaging lead times will vary depending on the company you are ordering from and the type of packaging that you are buying. Certain types of packaging will take longer to manufacture than others, particularly if it’s bespoke or custom packaging.


For instance, at Springpack, most of our bespoke packaging is done in-house but when we’re tasked with creating a new bespoke item for a customer, then the period of time to get the item in stock can take up to 2-3 weeks (depending on the nature of the product).


Once we are holding stock of a bespoke packaging product, we can deliver the item next day. In fact, all of our standard stock packaging items are available for next day delivery.


We always suggest plenty of advanced planning if you want to order bespoke packaging. These items have to be specifically crafted for you, and therefore the lead time can be slightly longer.


At Springpack, the production of our bespoke packaging is divided into several separate stages, of which each can have varying lead times. The process involves:


  • First, meeting with the customer and running through their specific requirements and measurements.
  • Beginning the design of the bespoke packaging
  • A sample is then created if needed
  • If there are any amends to the product, these are finalised and another sample is sent.
  • Finally, once the customer is happy with the product we will take the order and get the items made.


Frequently asked questions on lead times

We get a lot of questions about the lead times on packaging, so we’ve answered your most frequently asked questions below:


Do you offer next day delivery?

Yes, as long as you order before 2pm. Stock orders are processed on the day of order, with customers receiving a confirmation of their order and the delivery date.


How long do specials take to be delivered?

Specials refer to bespoke packaging items that we create for you, when you have specific requirements to meet.


When ordering a bespoke packaging item, you wll be sent confirmation of your order, along with the lead time.


Depending on the nature of the product, lead times can vary from 7 days, up to 2 weeks.



What are the benefits of good lead times on protective packaging?

Good lead times are extremely beneficial to all companies; longer waiting times on packaging creates quite a problem for those that need their product packed and shipped to meet their own or their customer’s deadlines.


Our lead times have really helped a number of our customers. For example, when working with Cotswold Collections to create high-quality tailored packaging, our lead times were exactly what the customer needed.


With our ability to provide everything from bubble wrap to cardboard packaging boxes, as well as our stockholding services, a next day delivery option means that e-commerce businesses can run smoothly. Our lead times, and Account Management, means you can meet demands with ease!



Finding a packaging company with good lead times

At Springpack, our stockholding service allows us to offer you next working day delivery for orders received before 3:30pm. From packaging foam to paper tape, you can have your packaging products with you in no time.


Best of all, most types of our packaging products are in stock for next day delivery – and our delivery is so reliable, that 98% of them are on time and complete!


With our great prices, short lead times and huge product range, you’ll find your packaging solution with us. For advice on protective packaging talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team today on 01905 457 000 or email [email protected]

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