Packaging Labels – The Unsung Hero of Packaging

In the grand scheme of things, labels can seem like a minor component in your packaging process, but they play an essential role.

There are hundreds of ways that packing labels can benefit your process, below are just a few:


Share Information

Adding product labels to your pallets or product packaging can be a great way to share information on what is being contained inside of the packaging, without the need to open the container. This can improve both logistical and stock management efficiency.



address labels are some of the most common types of labels, as they are used by all fulfilment companies to identify where the package is going. Address labels almost always feature a barcode and the recipient’s address.


Create Efficiency with Barcodes

Following on from how easily information can be shared using labels, barcodes can be added. When scanned, barcodes can show lots of product information and digital information can be updated. For example, the location of the box or pallet that is being scanned.



Adding instructions to labels can allow for specific information to be printed directly onto the packaging. This can be anything from “do not stack”, “Box 1 of 3” or a delivery instruction.


Handling Guidelines

Handling guideline labels can be used to indicate which way up a product should be stored. They can also add information such as temperature storage guidelines, or handling details of a potentially dangerous package or time-sensitive package. For example, a chilled food delivery.


Improve Deliveries

The addition of labels on packaging makes it less likely for products to get lost in transit, as they can clearly show the package’s destination. They can also be printed to show unique barcodes that can be scanned and updated with tracking information.


Improve Health and Safety

Health and safety can be improved when labels are added to products and consignments. Labels can be used to quickly identify potentially hazardous packages, such as those containing lithium batteries.


Create a Good First Impression

Labels can be used as part of your marketing strategy too, as they can show off your brand and create a great first impression. A “Thank you” sticker on an e-commerce package can go a long way to build a positive brand image.


Allergen Awareness in Food

Labelling products with potential allergens can save lives. Adding labels to food packaging when the food contains nuts, wheat or other allergens can prevent those with allergies from coming into contact with them.

Adding food description labels can also make things easier for consumers too, as it can promote whether a product is plant-based, vegetarian, lactose free or gluten free.


Tamper Protection

Tamper-proof sealing labels can be used to identify the integrity of a package and confirm if it is delivered in the same condition as it left the sender in.

Tamper protection labels can also be used for warranty purposes to ensure things like game consoles have not been meddled with.


Identification of High Value Goods

Permanent labels are often added to high-value goods and assets to identify them for warranty and audit purposes.

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