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We Have Moved!

Springpack's new warehouse and racking shelves.

Earlier this year we needed to improve our warehouse solutions, as we had been in separate sites for too long, and we’d outgrown the space. We had found a location in Hartlebury, but we were unable to move into it. Not long after, a warehouse in a great location to the M5 motorway came up for grabs. We made our move and took it off-market! With its great location and high roofs, we knew we had found the perfect warehouse for us. Our #PackagingPros couldn’t wait to get moved in, so we needed to make a start on our storage solutions. Our vast range of protective packaging and new environmentally-friendly lines are what our customers are looking for the most, so we needed to get the most effective use of space in our new home.


Springpack warehouse racking


After speaking with Julian and Jerry at Total Interiors Direct, we knew that they were able to offer more than just a standard racking solution. With our unique pallet sizes and multiple products, we were confident that the Total Interiors’ team knew what they were doing. Over 20 years in the industry doesn’t happen overnight. We knew they had a dedicated team in the head office and would work tirelessly until we had the right amount of pallet bays and the right storage capacity. Our Managing Director had a close working partnership with Julian from Total Interiors, and when asked about the project, Jerry said;


“Total Interiors were the most competitive on price, but also were able to offer us the best solution for our warehouse. We always try to work with local companies where possible, and the whole process with Total Interiors has been great”.


warehouse racking


Julian at Total Interiors commented on the project:


“Working with Springpack was a great experience, and the project itself was a complex and challenging build and design. Each and every pallet bay had different size specifications, and the attention to detail required was enormous. We thoroughly enjoyed working with a local and family-run business, and we could tell that Springpack had put all their trust and faith in us to design and deliver the best storage solution for their business”.


Since the new warehouse has been implemented, we have been busy making use of our storage space. We can tell our team are thrilled with more space, efficient layout, and better storage solutions for our packaging materials. We can now get back to focusing on what is really important to us at Springpack, YOU our customers.


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