Introducing Springpack’s Retail Packaging Solutions

In the competitive retail landscape, packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products, catch the customer’s attention, and promoting brand values.


The e-commerce sector is one of the fastest-moving sectors. The industry as a whole is estimated to reach almost $7.4 Trillion by 2025. With this huge growth in the retail and e-commerce sector, keeping up to date with the latest packaging innovations is essential. That’s why here at Springpack, we offer a Free Operational Packaging Audit service, to recommend the latest and most cost-effective packaging solutions tailored to your business.


Innovative Storage Designs for your Warehouse:


“Cut here” BDCM Boxes, reusable cardboard pick bins and Armour Wrap are the latest innovations for sustainable yet organised warehousing.



BDCM Boxes:


BDCM boxes are designed with ease of picking in mind. Available in four industry standard sizes, these boxes feature an area to write product details (Product code, colour, size, etc), and a dotted line to cut a hole for picking.


Carefully use a Stanley knife to cut along the dotted lines, and products can easily be removed from the box, without the need to open it. This means the boxes can remain “closed” so can be easily stacked, and organised.


BDCM boxes from Springpack also contain 70% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.



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Cardboard Pick Bins:


Cardboard Pick Bins are a great storage and organisational tool for your warehouse. They are a great way to maximise your warehouse space, increase your operational efficiency, and allow for improved stock segmentation.


Cardboard Bins are also compatible with all adhesive labels, meaning barcodes can be easily stuck to the outside to allow for efficient scanning.


Stacking Pick Bins will increase your warehouse floorspace, whilst minimising travel and therefore fatigue, of pickers.


Springpack’s cardboard pick bins are plastic-free, contain at least 70% recycled content, and are 100% recyclable.


cardboard pick bin


Armour Wrap:


Our latest pallet wrapping innovation – Armour Wrap.


Armour wrap is a high-quality product, that aims to reduce the overall product consumption.


Armour Wrap works by reducing the number of times a pallet needs to be wrapped to achieve the same or improved load stability. This machine film has a high puncture and tear resistance, meaning it can be used to secure even the most obscure loads.


When switched from traditional machine film, you could save around 1/3rd of annual pallet wrapping costs, and materials used. The reduction of packing materials can be calculated in seconds, using our palletwrAPP calculator – click here to see how much you could save!


Furthermore, Armour Wrap is 100% recyclable with soft plastics.


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Protective Packaging Materials:


Protective packaging materials are vital to keep your products secure during transit. Keeping products secure reduces breakages and in turn, increases customer satisfaction.


Honey Comb Paper:


Honeycomb paper is an increasingly popular method for protective packaging by internet retailers. It is 100% recyclable and plastic free. This type of protective packaging is also a visual cue to the end user that the packaging used is sustainable, and obviously curbside recyclable.

Honeycomb paper

Blue Ocean, Air Cushion Film:


Air Cushion film is an incredibly versatile material, that saves a considerable amount of warehouse space, as it is inflated when required. Switching to Air Cushion Packaging can also significantly reduce the amount of material used in each parcel, as the aim of air cushions is to fill the box with as much air as possible.


All Blue Ocean Air Cushion Packaging supplied by Springpack is made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials.


Learn about the Benefits of Air Cushion Packaging

Blue Ocean Film


Bubble Wrap:


The packaging choice for decades has been bubble wrap!


Bubble wrap is recognized as a reliable and reusable packaging option.


At Springpack, we offer three main types of bubble wrap; traditional translucent; anti-static pink; and self-adhesive blue.

SimplyECO Bubble Wrap


Different Types of Mailers:


Mailers are a great, cost and time efficient method of retail packaging.


All mailers feature a peel and seal strip, meaning no tape or additional adhesive is required for use.




Expandelopes are a mailer made from E-flute cardboard. They are a perfect e-commerce packaging solution because they feature a peal-and-seal strip. The peal and seal strip allows for efficient packing of products because the packaging does not need to be taped closed.


The Expandelopes are crafted from cardboard, making them environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.



Bubble Mailers


Bubble mailers, often called by the brand name “Jiffy bag” are a great way to send a product that needs protection during transit. They are made using a kraft paper outer, and are lined using bubblewrap.


Like all of our mailers, they feature an efficient peel and seal strip.


Our Envosafe bubble mailers are available in a range of sizes, including Royal Mail Large Letter, Small Parcel, and Medium Parcel sizes.

Bubble Mailer


Jiffy Padded Bags


Jiffy Padded Bags are a popular choice for plastic-free padded mailers. All Jiffy Padded Mailers supplied by springpack feature a 100% recycled paper fibre lining which, when drop tested, provided better padding than traditional bubble-lined mailers.


Available in a wide range of sizes, Jiffy Padded Mailers also feature a peel and seal strip, a double glued bottom and no side seams. They have excellent puncture and burst resistance.

Jiffy Padded Bags

Mailing Sacks


The Simply Eco Mailing Sacks are perfect for shipping non fragile items, such as clothes, curtains or bedding. These mailing bags are made from 100% recycled content and can be recycled too.


Mailing sacks, such as the Simply Eco range are one of the most popular options for eco friendly postal packaging in the UK.


These mailing bags feature a peel and seal strip and are available in a wide range of sizes. An added benefit of these mailing bags is that they are very flexible, so if one is slightly too big, it can be folded to fit. This is especially useful if you have lots of different-sized products, but do not wish to have lots of mailing bag sizes.

Mailing Bag

Cardboard boxes:


Our Retail packaging range features a comprehensive selection of cardboard boxes, designed for e-commerce. We understand that time and space are vital to your packing operation – that’s why all of our e-commerce retail packaging boxes are designed to save time and space.



E-commerce Postal Boxes:


E commerce postal boxes are a great choice for all retail businesses. This type of box is designed with the unboxing experience in mind. These retail packaging boxes are supplied flat packed, and erected when needed.


Due to the innovative design of this cardboard box, it does not require tape to erect, it holds itself folded. This type of boxes are commonly sealed along the front edge, with tape or a sticker.


An added bonus of this type of box is that they can be easily branded with any packaging design you wish! Custom retail packaging is a great way to get your brand out there, and increase your customer’s brand loyalty.


Returnable Postal Boxes:


Returnable postal boxes are one of our most popular options for retail posting boxes! They feature a crash lock (sometimes called shelf lock) base, which allows for erection in seconds!


Conveniently, they feature two peal and seal strips. One for sending to your customer, and another so the customer can reuse the box too!

Book Wraps:


Book Wraps are a great choice for packaging products that are Royal Mail Large Letter Sized (Maximum product thicknesses and weight allowing), which will help save you money on postage.


They are a great way to send books or brochures by post!


Book Wraps feature a peel-and-seal strip, so no additional adhesive is required to seal them. They are available in multiple sizes and are sold in packs of 25.

Tapes for Retail Packaging:


One of the most essential parts of any packaging operation is tape. With recent innovations, there is now a wide range of tape options, for all applications.


Water Activated Tape


Water-activated tape is an incredibly popular option for tape. It is fed through a WAT dispenser, which applies water to the tape, and cuts it to your desired length. A benefit of using Water Activated Tape is that the tape can be fully or semi-reinforced using glass fibres. This means it cannot be easily punctured and has a greater break strain than standard paper tape.


See our New WAT Tape Dispensers




E-Tape is an innovative sized roll of tape, that features a 2 inch core. Each roll has 127% more tape than a standard 66m roll, which helps save time on roll changes. The reduction of core size, and increase of roll length, contribute to a considerable space savings during storage. This tape is used in conjunction with an E-Tape Dispenser.


Paper Tape


Paper tape is made from strong Kraft paper and a natural rubber-based solvent. This makes the tape 100% recyclable. It is available in standard core, e-tape or machine tape sizes.


It is a great alternative to standard PP or Vinyl tapes due to its eco credentials.

We hope this guide has been useful to you – if you have any questions, or would like further information, please click here to submit an enquiry.

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