How to use Bubblewrap

Bubblewrap has been protecting goods in transit for over 60 years! This versatile packaging has many benefits. Did you know, bubblewrap was originally created to be wallpaper? These days, the idea of bubble wrap as wallpaper sounds a little wild. I think we’d all need to have a lot of willpower, not to sit there popping those air filled bubbles whilst watching telly! Thankfully, the benefits of using bubble wrap for protecting items were very quickly discovered.  

How to use bubblewrap

Protecting an item in bubble wrap is very simple, you can protect your delicate items in seconds!
  1. Find a flat surface with plenty of space, so you can properly wrap your item.
  2. Wrap your item generously in a sheet of bubble wrap – bubbles against the item (we explain why later).
  3. Secure with your favourite tape – any tape works, why not take your pick from our tape range?
  4. We then recommend placing your item in a suitably sized box, ensuring it can’t move around too much.

Which way round do the bubbles go?

The way you use bubblewrap has an impact on the protection you’re offering your package. It is important to note that the bubbles always go against the item you’re wrapping. Our top tip to help you remember, is to place the bubblewrap flat side on the surface. Then place the item on top to wrap, which will ensure the bubbles face inwards and offer better protection!  

Why should I use bubblewrap?

There are many advantages to its use. It’s shock-resistant, adding a great deal of protection, but it’s also lightweight, minimising postage costs. If you are looking for a cost effective solution, you’ve found it! As long as the bubbles are largely intact, and the sheet hasn’t been ripped, it is possible to continue reusing time and time again! If you offer a returns service, your customers are able to use the same packaging to send the product back. Here at Springpack, we have a huge range of returnable packaging! Why not check it out? This adds to the many cost effective advantages of using bubble wrap as part of your protective packaging. All bubblewrap sold by springpack has a minimum of 30% recycled content.

What can I wrap?

It is ideal for delicate and fragile items that need a dust free, or non abrasive protection. You can purchase the wrap in various sizes, so it’s perfect for wrapping anything from small wine glasses, to bigger items such as vases or even heavier items like glass panels.   It can be useful for mirrors too. The fact it’s so flexible allows it to be easily wrapped around awkward and large items.  

Where to buy bubble wrap?

At Springpack, we have a wide range of eco friendly bubblewrap available in a wide variety of sizes! Whether you’re looking for anti-static, paper or rolls of various sizes, you’ll find them all here.  

What about pink or blue bubblewrap?

We’re glad you asked! Our pink bubble wrap is anti static! This makes is a great option for things like electrical components! Blue bubble wrap is tacky on one side, which means you can stick it to your products without the need for tape. It’s important to note, that the density of the colour of your special bubble wrap is not an indication of how tacky or anti-static it is. This is simply a different colour due to different batches.   We also supply protective alternatives, such as corrugated paperair packs and packaging foam. Our protective selection is perfect for both transporting products and also keeping them safe during storage within a warehouse. Don’t forget – these can all be delivered the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm!


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