How To Strap A Pallet

Ensuring pallets are securely wrapped saves time and money when it comes to transporting goods. However, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to strapping and wrapping a pallet. 


We offer advice below on the kind of products and techniques you need to get the job done!



How to strap a pallet by hand


We’ve got some useful videos which can help you learn how to efficiently and safely use strapping to secure your pallets. And for even more packaging hints and tips, why not head over to our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button when you visit too!






If you’re looking for quality paper strapping that can be easily recycled, take a look at our 12m X 200m Paper Strapping. This strapping can also be used with strapping machines, and you can find out more about using them below.



How to use a pallet strapping machine


Pallet strapping machines are used to secure boxes and other items to a pallet. They work by weaving a continuous band through the slots of the pallet. These machines can often save a considerable amount of time in comparison to manually strapping a pallet.


The machines are equipped to handle packages of all sizes, and are generally available in automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic can be programmed if your requirements are the same each day. A semi-automatic is better where you have a variation in sizes.


The machines can be operated by a single person, and used both horizontally and vertically.



How to cover goods on a pallet


Start by ensuring your goods are securely placed on a quality pallet, stacked neatly and safely. The closer you pack the items, means there is less space for movement once the pallet is moved.


The best way to secure your pallet and protect it from water and damage in transit, is to shrink wrap or use film. This will protect it once it’s in place, but to ensure your pallet is completely stable you will need to use pallet strapping.


Once you’ve secured the pallet using strapping, move onto wrapping the pallet. You should wrap from the base and work your way up. 



Is pallet strapping recyclable?


Because pallet strapping can be made from any number of materials including polypropylene, corded polyester and steel, it depends which you use.


The most common banding is polypropylene, which is available in a variety of thicknesses to suit your operation. The good news is that polypropylene is completely recyclable! Corded polyester can also be fully recycled. However, as you might expect, steel strapping requires a slightly different recycling process. As with all products, you will need to check with your local recycling centre.



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