How Custom Sealing Labels Can Improve Your Packaging

Sealing labels are a great way to add a finishing touch to your packages. Many companies choose clear circular sealing labels as a way of identifying if a package has been tampered with. Tamper-evident seals visually show if a box or envelope has been opened before it reaches the recipient.

With the rise in the end user’s appreciation of the way their items are packaged, custom-printed labels have become increasingly popular.

Our team of packaging experts have compiled a list of reasons why switching to custom labels is a great next step for your business. Below you will also find your free template custom label designs.


How Can Custom Labels Be Used?

Custom seals are often used with branded boxes, tissue paper, and tape. These items make it easier for end-users to recognize your package as different from others. Though, that isn’t to say they must be used with other bespoke packaging.

In fact, custom labels are a great way to customise your packaging for a considerably lower cost than other bespoke options. This makes custom sealing labels perfect for businesses that may not have a high budget for packaging.

They have a limitless amount of uses, such as security of documents in transit, dating archive boxes, personalising packaging and tamper-proof sealing food.


Personalisation of Your Packaging


A memorable unboxing experience


Adding a touch of personalisation to your packaging is a great way to create a memorable, positive unboxing experience. Customers who have a great unboxing experience are likely to shop with you again. They can also give your packaging and products more of a high quality feel.


Stand out from Competitors


Customising your labels will help you stand out from your competitors by making your packaging more visually appealing to your customer. Your box seal stickers can also help build brand loyalty by containing a message.


Cost effective


Custom labels are one of the most cost effective ways of branding your packaging. They can be added to any plain postage box to add your branding, without needing to bespoke print boxes.


To say thanks


Customers hold a high value on businesses thanking for them for their custom. A simple sealing sticker thanking a customer for their custom can really make all the difference for repeat orders.


A message straight to your customer


Custom labels can help you communicate your new product focus, brand messaging, or build anticipation for the unboxing experience. They can put your messaging directly into the hands of your customer.




Sealing labels are great for adding dates to show when a seal was added. A few examples of this are for charity boxes showing when the box was last emptied, or a document archive showing a date range for the contents.



Improve your security with tamper evidence


Sealing labels are a great way to improve the security of a wide range of products or packaging.


Labels can be used on the top of jam as a visual representation to the customer of the integrity of the product.

They can be used on collection boxes and buckets to make them tamper proof. They can be printed with the charity’s logo and contact details for when emptying is required.

Custom labels can be printed for cosmetics to show the product is no longer sterile once the seal is broken.

Seal label stickers can be added to postal packaging to show the mailing boxes have not been opened in transit.

Sealing labels are also a great secondary line of defence to prevent boxes from opening during transit, if the packing tape fails.


What to include on a custom sealing label


Before designing and ordering your labels, it is important to consider the purpose of the label.


Here are a few examples, and the considerations to make:


  • Thanking a customer for an order – Include the words Thank You


  • Adding your branding to your packaging – Include your logo


  • If preventing charity collection box from being tampered with – add writeable fields in. Think “Date installed” “Installed by” and “Registered charity number”, etc


  • Showing food and products are safe for consumption/use – Include “Discard if seal is broken”


Top Tips for creating custom stickers:


  • Always design your custom sealing labels on a template, such as our Free Custom Label Template below


  • It’s a great idea to have the purpose of the label in mind before you design it


  • Choose a permanent adhesive where possible, especially in the case of tamper-resistant requirements.


How can custom-sealing labels fit in with my existing packaging operation?


Labels are incredibly simple. They can be easily integrated into your current packaging process.

Aside from using labels to seal your box, they can be used inside the box, too. They work great alongside tissue paper, to hold the presentation in place. Conveniently, labels can also be used with Hive Wrap or Bubble Wrap Protective Packaging to hold them in place.

Usually, this type of label is supplied on a roll. This means they are easily accessible for packers when opposed to labels supplied on a sheet of paper.


We hope this guide has helped you in your decision into Custom Sealing Labels. If you have any questions, please submit an enquiry. 


Your Free Custom Sealing Label Template is below!

Sealing Label Template

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