Heavy Duty / Industrial Tapes

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Why Buy Heavy Duty Tape from Springpack?

Our heavy duty tapes are immensely strong. Either reinforced tape with glass filaments or cloth fibres, provide high tensile strength. Ideal for all manner of packing applications. For instance bundling, carton sealing, pallet stabilising and taping where strength and security are paramount.

If you’re packaging particularly heavy goods, this tape will provide extra strength to your carton. The reinforced strength provided by this tape can even save you money, as you need less than conventional tape for most packaging applications. The tape should remain tear-free when applied.

There are two types of filament tape available. Monofilament, where filaments run in one direction, and Crossweave, where filaments are cross woven in two directions. Monofilament and Crossweave tapes are available in a wide range of widths, and can also be printed with company details.

Different Types of Heavy Duty Tape

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