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    Simply ECO Brochure Request

    So what is SimplyEco by Springpack? The SimplyECO range contains at least 30% recycled content, yet we always strive to include as much recycled content as possible with our mailing bags / mailing sacks being made from 100% recycled content and being 100% recyclable too! The range consist of eco friendly bubble wrapmachine filmpallet wrap and a multitude of different paper products, such as void fill paper.

    Why is eco-friendly packaging important? We have all seen the news reports on how plastic is fast becoming one of the largest environmental issues, with thousands of tons being sent to landfill, where it will stay for generations or even worse making its way to the ocean, creating immense marine wildlife problems. By simply changing over to Springpacks SimplyECO range of products will not only help with above, it also make commercial sense with regards to the plastic packaging tax.