Choosing the Right Boxes for your Business

If you run a business that provides any form of good or service then the odds are at some time or other you need to send products to your customer. Whether you run an ecommerce business that ships goods on a regular basis, or a design firm who needs to send physical proofs to a client, you need to make sure that whatever you send gets to its destination safely. Whatever boxes, tubes, or wrap you need for your business, the great news is that here at Springpack we are able to help.


At Springpack we specialise in boxes for all kinds of goods or products, so that whatever you need to transport you can rest assured that you are packaging it in the best way possible. Say goodbye to precarious packaging or ill-fitting parcels – at Springpack we have all kinds of boxes to suit your needs.



Choosing the Right Boxes

Anyone who deals with shipping goods on a regular basis can tell you that not all boxes are created equal. Instead, to ensure your package arrives in one piece, it is important to get the right box for your cargo. Luckily, when it comes to boxes, there are a large number to choose from.



Book Boxes

Perfect for those running book or small artwork companies, or those selling books on the likes of the Amazon Market Place or eBay, book boxes are exactly what they say on the tin – rigid and secure boxes that are traditionally used for transporting books.


Available in two core varieties – book box and book wrap – book boxes are designed to keep the delicate pages of a book unbent or creased during transportation. This means that both book boxes and wraps come in a number of different sizes to suit a number of different books. That being said, it also has the added benefit that if you are shipping A4 artwork then it can easily fit within a larger book wrap to keep it safe.


When transporting items that are delicate like books, it is important to ensure a snug fit with the packaging. This stops the book from shifting in the mail, potentially causing damage to the edge of the book.



Postal Boxes

Postal boxes, also known as postage or mailing boxes, are a really nice way of transporting goods by mail. With a lid that often wraps around the edge of the box, secured in place by either a tab or a sticky strip, postal boxes are incredibly secure methods of transportation. What is more, postal boxes are incredibly versatile tools, coming in a variety of different shapes.


Postal boxes really come into their own when either a number of items need to be shipped to one location, the items are slightly awkward in shape, or even fabric. Available in sizes that are as small as 100 x 110 x 70mm, all the way up to 426 x 342 x 74mm, these boxes are perfect for most ecommerce businesses.


Postal boxes can handle fragile items really well, and provide enough space for additional protection such as bubble wrap.


There is a sub-category of postal boxes that includes returnable postal boxes. These forms of postal box have two different ‘peel and seal’ strips meaning they can be opened and reused. This is good for the person receiving the parcel, as well as better for the environment.



Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

Designed to offer a reliable option for larger goods, single wall cardboard boxes come in a large number of different shapes and sizes. Strong, durable and delivered flat pack for ease of transportation, single walled cardboard boxes utilise a single thickness of wall, making them hard wearing. That single wall also makes the parcel light, making them far easier to post.


Single wall cardboard boxes are the original box. They provide a cost effective solution that means you can be confident in your vessel of choice. With prices starting as low as 18p per box as well, single wall cardboard boxes are a fantastic option for organisations who need to ship larger goods at a lower cost.



Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

The tougher sibling of the single wall cardboard box, double wall cardboard boxes offer the same versatility as their single wall sister, but with an extra layer of rigidity. Double wall cardboard boxes are made of two layers of corrugated cardboard, as opposed to just one later of cardboard, making them incredibly resistant to damage.


It is due to this resilience that double wall cardboard boxes stack incredibly well and are ideal for the storage of heavy items. Double wall cardboard boxes can be piled on top of one another, and kept for a long time. This means that, where it is more than possible to send something in a double wall cardboard box, they really come into their own when moving or storing items.


It is important to note that single wall cardboard boxes and double wall cardboard boxes aren’t self-sealing. That said, gummed paper tape, packaging tape, pre-printed tapes, and packaging tape works well with these types of boxes.



BDCM Cardboard Boxes

Are you ready to get technical? If so then we have you covered. At Springpack we offer strong BDCM boxes that are generally used by the fashion and retail sectors.


BDCM stands for ‘Bulk Distribution Carton Metric’. Our range includes the standard sizing of BDCM1, BDCM2, BDCM3 and BDCM4 boxes, each made out of single wall cardboard. This means that the box can easily be assembled in seconds.



When it comes to boxes – think Springpack

At Springpack we specialise in all things packaging. Whether you are a small ecommerce business looking to a safe way of transporting goods, or a large warehouse looking for the perfect box for storing something safely for a long period of time, we have you covered.


Did you know at Springpack you can order everything you need online and we offer delivery the next working day if you order before 3.30pm?


Why not shop for your solution today? Alternatively, if you have a more bespoke packaging need, you can contact us to discuss what you need in more detail.



If you’d like further information on the products and services we offer at Springpack, get in touch with us today! You can reach us by calling 01905 457 000 or by emailing [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel too!

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