An Alternative To Archive Boxes

Archive Boxes, or storage archive boxes, are a fantastic way to store all manner of goods or paperwork. But is there another way of getting the same results? Yes. Yes there is!


What is a alternative to an Archive Box?

The humble cardboard box is a perfect alternative to an archive box. But why? Put simply, an archive box is just printed cardboard box, so if you want more flexibility over the size of box you use to archive items, then it’s worth considering a plain box. Here at Springpack we stock a wide range of both single wall boxes and double wall boxes, perfect for archiving!


When it comes to picking the right box for you, you will need to consider exactly what you are archiving. If the items are likely to be heavy, we would recommend a double wall box, as it offers additional strength. For lighter items, a single wall box will be idea.


All you need to do now is select the size of box you need, and away you go!





Identifying your boxes

If you do decide to go down the plain box route, and why wouldn’t you, there are a couple of additional items you might want to consider using.


First up, is a label. It seems really obvious to say it, but you should really label your box. Imagine if you were to archive some important papers and you didn’t label the box. You’d spend ages trying to find what you are looking for! You could even use a plain document wallet for additional protection, as that would protect the label from dust and moisture.


Packing tape is next on the list. Again, it’s an obvious one, but you will need to secure the bottom of your box before packing it, and then again when it’s been packed. We would recommend using Paper e-tape, as it offers a superior hold, and it bonds with any grade of cardboard.



Archive boxes with lids

If are you looking for an archive box with a lid, then you could consider a Ream box. They are typically used by printers, but with a capacity of 500 sheets, they could be perfect for your needs. You could even then pack them into a plain cardboard box. Like above, you would need to label them, but that would be about it.


If you are looking at archiving a significant amount, then an export box could be just what you need. As the name suggests, the boxes are generally used when exporting heavy items abroad. But they can easily be used as an archive storage box . They even come with a lid, and for ease of storage, some come with a pallet too.



Custom boxes

As we work with the leading UK manufacturers, we can of course go down the custom box route too. Having something custom made just for you would mean you have complete control over the size of box you require, and also any artwork you wanted printed on the box. You could even add custom printed tape to secure the boxes once packed. That’s right, bespoke printed tape just for you!



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